Letters From A Tapehead (May 8, 2006-?)

As of today, I've been writing amateurish musings and making badly drawn conclusions about the world of music, past and current, for 8 years.  To those of you who've stuck it out and given me reason to throw on my headphones and babble incessantly via keyboard for all this time, I thank you.  I've gained some good experiences since beginning this online corner of my obsessive little world, having met people I'd never have met, discovering bands I'd otherwise not have found and growing more appreciative of a culture I feel I'm much closer to now than before.  I've always loved music, but it would've been very easy for me to remain relegated to my time and place, never motivated to expand into the now and figure out that good music will always exist so long as new bands are born, classic records are dusted off and consumed and "inspiration" and "work" remain the primary means of creation. 

So long as there's value to be found in what I do, I'll keep going.  I haven't lost the fire yet. 

Thank you, again.

Letters From A Tapehead


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