"We Get It... You're Sick:" Generous Lover by Sore Saints

Sore Saints
Generous Lover 10"
Dullest Records
Released: 3.4.14

Sore Saints seem in tune with much of the noise/punk revitalization that's giving Canada some DIY cred, a scene rife with names like METZ, HSY, Odonis Odonis and White Lung, bands that deliver genuine and aggressive jolts of "looking back" post-hardcore, punk and post-punk that grant the music a much-needed second wind as opposed to a simple paint-by-numbers rehash.  The Brooklyn/Philadelphia four-piece delivered a 10" four-song EP called Generous Lover earlier this year and it's the type of sans bullshit rock culled from the emotionally brimming depths of late 80s/early 90s alt-rock that relies as much on its lyrical distress as it does the angst-riddled tone emanating from those blessed guitars.

In some ways a sludge informed interpretation of Fugazi and Hüsker Dü, "Anhedonic" rattles till its stride is met, vocalist Nick Guidott working in multi-tracked growls as the guitar lead and bass groove generate a gratifying rush.  As if thematically, the bass melody of "Anhedonic" is adapted as a guitar riff for the following track, "Choke Down," preceding a rhythmic stroll thick with distortion and drummer Jon Murphy's snare contact.  Your head will nod. You won't be able to help it.

Scott Signorino's low end drives "Control," a post-punk caliber throb anchoring guitarist Justin LaFontiane's discordant guitar sounds. It's excellently throwback without sounding old, a sleek pulse and percussive weight. A quick two-minute song called "Wasting Breath" provides a lively outro to the EP, solidly rhythmic with bursts of percussion. 

Please sample Generous Lover below and spend a little money if you dig it.

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