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Because it wasn't enough that Ty Segall released what will likely be one of the best albums of 2014, a new singles and rarities compilation dubbed $INGLE$ 2 will be released later this November via Drag City.  Normally I like to have appropriate tracks on hand to post alongside announcements like this, but such is not the case this time around.  There is, however, a lot of info on the release which was provided by Mutante, so give it a look if you're interested.


You thought Manipulator was the money album of the year? Think...AGAIN! 2014 ain’t done yet, and $ingle$ 2 is here. And this time, it’s for the money. Two times! As all of the ears that have heard what Ty Segall’s been putting out for the past five-ish years already know in their tiny l’il ear-brains, our kid’s got any number of places that he’s coming from, and putting them all into his rock and roll music is what he’s all about! $ingle$ 2 sweeps out the ashes of the breakneck days (and nights!!!!) of 2011–2013, and burns down the house all over again in the process.
$ingle$ 2 slinks low and flat-out sprints behind the scenes of the Goodbye BreadTwinsSleeper trilogy (no it isn’t!), collecting all the now-out-of-print sides that totally work amazingly well together when placed back-to-back-to-back as an album. The super-deadly “Spiders” single is spun again here in full, as well as the epically pop b-sides for “I Can’t Feel It,” “The Hill,” and “Would You Be My Love.” Plus tracks for other righteous labels, like Permanent, Castleface and Famous Class.

Covering The Groundhogs, the Velvets and GG Allin, Ty reps for a good array of punk godheads too. Between the covers and the originals,
$ingle$ 2 is also a run through the SF 388 scene circa 2010–2013, with various local heroes like King Riff, Mike Donovan and Ty himself at the board. Sure, there’s the knotting up of all the loose ends for the heavy-breathin’, AADin’ freak-fans — but $ingle$ 2 is really about the rush of getting a single for the a-side and then finding a total sunshine jewel like “Children of Paul” or “Mother Lemonade” on the flip. Or a stone-solid jam on a classic, like the COMPLETE retooling of “Femme Fatale.” Or hearing the Mackay-style sax bleatings of“F**ked Up Motherf**ker,” and it f**king YOU up too! Closing the album with the seemingly unlikely (“Music for a Film”) and the seemingly inevitable (“Pettin the Dog,”a mighty hardcore slamming of the lid) cleanses the palate for...what? Another spin, probably! $ingle$ 2 has been designed to withstand obsessive flipping.

01. Spiders
02. Hand Glams
03. Cherry Red
04. Falling Hair
05. Children Of Paul
06. It’s A Problem
07. Mother Lemonade
08. For Those Who Weep
09. F**ked Up Motherf**ker
10. Femme Fatale
11. Music For A Film
12. Pettin The Dog

Tue. Nov. 4 - Hamburg, DE @ Knust
Wed. Nov. 5 - Dresden, DE @ Beatpol
Thu. Nov. 6 - Berlin, DE @ Astra Kulturhaus
Fri. Nov. 7 - Copenhagen, DK @ Pumpehuset
Sat. Nov. 8 - Stockholm, SE @ Kägelbanan Södra Teatern
Mon. Nov. 10 - Manchester, UK @ Gorilla
Tue. Nov. 11 - Leeds, UK @ Brudenell Social Club
Wed. Nov. 12 - London, UK @ Electric Ballroom
Thu. Dec. 11 – Perth, AU @ The Bakery
Sat. Dec. 13 – Meredith, AU @ Meredith Festival
Sun. Dec. 14 – Melbourne, AU @ Corner Hotel
Mon. Dec. 15 – Melbourne, AU @ Corner Hotel
Wed. Dec. 17 – Sydney, AU @ Oxford Art Factory
Thu. Dec. 18 – Sydney, AU @ Oxford Art Factory
Fri. Dec. 19 – Brisbane, AU @ The Zoo
Sat. Dec. 20 – Byron Bay, AU @ The Northern
Fri. Jan. 30 – San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall

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