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All Saints, a label that was launched in the early 90s, has just released four 90s-era Brian Eno LPs: Nerve Net (1992), The Shutov Assembly (1992), Neroli (1993) and The Drop (1997).  Electronic composer Chris Clark, (or as he's better known, Clark), pulled together a mix culling samples of each of the Eno releases.  It's a pretty fluid 34 minutes of instrumental (and some vocal) works and provides a convincing sales pitch for the releases.  I myself have unfortunately never heard these albums, so Clark's mash-up has given me reason to explore them.  If you want to check it out, you can do so via Soundcloud below:

If you'd like to find out more about the reissues, I've included info which was provided courtesy of Julian T. Schoen — Artist, Event & Project Management.  There are also two Eno cuts you can sample: "Prague" and "Fractal Zoom."

All Saints shares Brian Eno reissues mix by Warp's Clark
4 Record Eno Reissues available now

Hear the Clark / Eno mix now

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New Mix:
Clark / Eno x All Saints Reissues Mix
(Pitchfork / Soundcloud)

All Saints Records was founded in 1992 by Dominic Norman-Taylor as an extension of Brian Eno's Opal Records.

This week saw the release of an ambitious Brian Eno reissue project, featuring 4 of his classic 90s records, each paired with their own bonus disc of previously unreleased, new and unheard Eno material from that time.

Today, Warp artist Clark presents a mix of Eno music showcasing music from all 8 discs of these reissues. Hear the mix now via Pitchfork, and head over to the Eno & All Saints shops for more info on the reissues.

Hear Brian Eno's "Prague" and "Fractal Zoom" now.


All music by Brian Eno
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All Saints Records
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Nerve Net

1992's Nerve Net shows Eno returning to his more rock-oriented sound, as well as the long lost album My Squelchy Life, previously slated for a 1991 release but ultimately pulled at the last minute, lost in the lore of the Eno mythology until now.

CD Track Listing

Disc 1 - Nerve Net
1. Fractal Zone
2. Wire Shock
3. What Actually Happened?
4. Pierre In Mist
5. My Squelchy Life
6. Juju Space Jazz
7. The Roil, The Choke
8. Ali Click
9. Distributed Being
10. Web
11. Web (Lascaux Mix)
12. Decentre

Disc 2 -
My Squelchy Life
1. I Fall Up
2. The Harness
3. My Squelchy Life
4. Tutti Forgetti
5. Stiff
6. Some Words
7. Juju Space Jazz
8. Under
9. Everybody's Mother
10. Little Apricot
11. Over

Vinyl Track Listing

Side A

A1. Fractal Zoom
A2. Wire Shock
A3. What Actually Happened?

Side B
B1. Pierre In Mist
B2. My Squelchy Life
B3. Juju Space Jazz
B4. The Roil, The Choke

Side C
C1. Ali Click
C2. Distributed Being
C3. Web

Side D
D1. Web (Lascaux Mix)
D2. Decentre


The Shutov Assembly

The Shutov Assembly (1992), is an ode to Russian artist and friend Sergei Shutov, who used to paint to Eno's work but had difficulty accessing it through Soviet Russia. Eno collected unreleased material on a tape to give to Shutov, only to discover a common thread that transformed this into a complete body of work. The bonus material includes 7 unreleased recordings taken from the same period.

CD Track Listing 

Disc 1 - The Shutov Assembly
1. Triennale
2. Alhondiga
3. Margraph
4. Lanzarote
5. Francisco
6. Riverside
7. Innocenti
8. Stefelijk
9. Ikebukuro
10. Cavallino
Disc 2 - Bonus Material
1. Eastern Cities
2. Empty Platform
3. Big Slow Arabs
4. Storm
5. Rendition
6. Prague
7. Alhondiga Variation

Vinyl Edition

Side A
A1. Triennale
A2. Alhonidga
A3. Markgraph

Side B
B1. Lanzarote
B2. Francisco
B3. Cavallino

Side C
C1. Riverside
C2. Innocenti
C3. Stefelijk

Side D
D1. Ikebukro



1993's Neroli is named after the sensual oil derived from the Seville orange, and Eno links this LP to the sense of smell, fragrance and perfume. It is one solid piece with no break and is considered Eno's ultimate realization of "mood music". Also included is the previously unreleased New Space Music, a single, hour-long piece of ambient, long-form drone music complimenting Neroli.

CD Track Listing

Disc 1 - Neroli: (Thinking Music Part IV)
1. Neroli

Disc 2 - New Space Music
1. New Space Music

There is no vinyl edition due to the artist's wish not to break up the music with split sides.

The Drop 

1997's The Drop is "jazz from a vague, alien perspective" and Eno's foray into 'drop' music, with the additional bonus material including 9 rare tracks recorded during the same period and previously only available through a limited edition of 1000 sold at Eno's 2006 77 Million Paintings exhibit in Japan. 

CD Track Listing 

Disc 1 - The Drop 
1. Slip, Dip
2. But If
3. Belgian Drop
4. Cornered
5. Block Drop
6. Out / Out
7. Swanky
8. Coasters
9. Blissed
10. M.C. Organ
11. Boomcubist
12. Hazard
13. Rayonism
14. Dutch Blur
15. Back Clack
16. Dear World
17. Iced World
Disc 2 - Bonus Material
1. Never Stomp
2. Systems Piano
3. Bonk 12
4. Luxor Night Car
5. Targa Summer
6. Cold
7. Little Slicer
8. Surf Birds
9. Targa

Vinyl Edition

Side A
A1. Slip, Dip
A2. But If
A3. Belgian Drop
A4. Cornered
A5. Block Drop
A6. Out / Out
A7. Swanky

Side B
B1. Coasters
B2. Blissed
B3. M.C. Organ
B4. Boomcubist
B5. Hazard

Side C
C1. Rayonism
C2. Dutch Blur
C3. Back Clack
C4. Dear World
C5. Slicing System
C6. Sharply Cornered

Side D
D1. Iced World

More info on All Saints

All Saints (Site / Facebook / Twitter / iTunes / Soundcloud)

In 1992, All Saints was founded. Named after a West London street, the label re-issued albums originally released on Opal Records as well as new material from Brian and Roger Eno, Laraaji, Harold Budd and more. With more than 40 releases and over 20 years to its name, All Saints is compiling classic material alongside unheard rarities for several releases in 2013 and 2014.

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