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Facial: "Black Noise" (via Chain Letter Collective/Us-Them Group/Soundcloud)

"Black Noise" is the second single from Facial's upcoming new release, Facade, which will be released September 29th via Chain Letter Collective.  You can pre-order the LP here.


Humans Etcetera: "Silkworm" (via Nefarious Industries/Earsplit PR/YouTube)

From Earsplit PR:
Nefarious Industries confirms the October release of Intelligent Skeleton by China-based solo outfit HUMANS ETCETERA, offering an early glimpse into the album with a video for the opening track, "Silkworm."

HUMANS ETCETERA is an experimental rock outfit founded by West Virginia native, Christopher Henry, also a member of Fuck Your Birthday, and formerly of Clean Dirty Clean. The outfit's output unifies '90s alternative rock and post-hardcore and modern experimental rock elements into a mellow but engaging mix of styles and influences within the album's forty-minute lifespan.

Intelligent Skeleton was written, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered in Wenzhou, China by the outfit's American-born creator, Christopher Henry, who performs all vocals, drums, guitars, bass, synth, sampling, and sequencing. The album also features tambourine by Cai Qing 蔡清 on "Vice" as well as piano by Huang Yalun 黄亚伦 and guzheng from Zhang Guogao 章国杲 on the song "Gravebody," and is completed with an original cover drawing by Zhu Weikai 朱为凯.
Intelligent Skeleton is available for pre-order at Nefarious Industries.  


The Mad Doctors: "Yuengling Malmsteen" (via King Pizza Records/Bandcamp)

"Yuengling Malmsteen" is the B-side from a limited edition split 7" Brooklyn's The Mad Doctors are sharing with Heavy Traffic.  If you like the track, the 7" will be available on September 22nd on clear, gold, or black vinyl.

More info, plus purchase links, can be found here: (for digital release)


L'Rain: "Stay, Go (Go, Stay)" (via Astro Nautico/NYLON/Julian T. Schoen/Soundcloud)

L'Rain's self-titled LP is available for pre-order at Astro Nautico.


Der Elektrische Traum: "Continuum Flow" (via Lighten Up Sounds/Soundcloud)

"Continuum Flow" is the eerie title track from Der Elektrische Traum's cassette release.  If you like what you hear, you can purchase the cassette via Lighten Up Sounds.  


Hope: "Kingdom" (via Halpern Pop Recordings/Declare Independence/YouTube)

Letters From A Tapehead


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