Online Sounds: The Young Mothers — "Black Tar Caviar" (Single Premiere)

The Austin-based experimental sextet known as The Young Mothers are releasing their second album this week, Morose.  

Currently based in Austin, The Young Mothers tie together backgrounds as regionally varied as Texas, Chicago, New York, and Norway, engaging their multiple influences into a cross-genre synthesis of protest music and aural turbulence.

As if to illustrate this perfectly, for the single "Black Tar Caviar," The Young Mothers compose a discordant, rhythmic tug of war that attempts to merge jazz-based improvisation with the bare-knuckle assault of hardcore or powerviolence.  Somewhat akin to the avant sonics and noise-fetish brass explorations of John Zorn, especially for its frenzy of a finale, "Black Tar Caviar" pairs confusion and aggression in a compelling way, pitting the avantgarde against the underground and reveling in the forms' rejection of each other.  Those opening Albert Ayler-styled sax notes almost seem like a red herring, the steady pulse of a hi-hat sounding tin-like against the phrases of wailing brass that stretch for more than half the track until vocalist Jawwaad Taylor finds his cue.  "No rest for the weak/No power in the streets," Taylor speaks, a throbbing bass riff and percussion section emerging and remaining locked into its pattern despite the scream-laden sections of high tempo violence. 

"Black Tar Caviar" is featured on Morose, which will release this Friday, June 22nd via Self-Sabotage Records.  The album is currently available for pre-order at this link:

You can listen to the track below:

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On the Web:

Artist: The Young Mothers
Album: Morose
Record Label: Self Sabotage Records
Release Date: June 22nd, 2018

01. Attica Black
02. Black Tar Caviar
03. Bodiless Arms
04. Francisco
05. Untitled #1
06. Jazz Oppression
07. Morose
08. Osaka
09. Untitled #2
10. Shanghai

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