The Day In Headphones: JOBS — "Similar Canvas" b/w "Different Properties" 7"

As a vivid patchwork of loose and colorful geometry, both the visual and musical aspects of "Similar Canvas"/"Different Properties", the new 2-song single by improv quartet JOBS and artist Sam King, speak to me as a heavily encumbered personal and maybe even first-world (or suburban) dystopia.

With a range of disorganized thoughts being spoken aloud for the title track, dissonant tones being dragged from the strings of a viola as factorial steam-pistons run erratic, vocalist/guitarist Dave Scanlon is somewhat robotic in his delivery, a relative monotone appropriate to what plays beneath. There is eventually a seasick sway to what perhaps functions as a discernible enough hook, but as King's visuals play with structure, so does the song: "What is the color of the glitter you seek? What is the color of your gestures? What is the color of the jewelry you keep? And I'll take your capital." 

For "Different Properties", scratchy tones and light bass strokes fall behind more observational content, out-of-place and disconnected stanzas spoken in shifting pitches: "I came here to drink and I do not plan on drinking only water. And I am unsure whether that would be nutritious. I have been seeking glitter. I have romantic purposes." The liberated musical proclivities of Dirty Three resonate here alongside the proliferation of random sounds and rhythmic irregularity.

The 7" is currently available for pre-order at Bandcamp. Info on the release and links were provided by Clandestine Label Services and Ramp Local.

You can also pre-order the record from Ramp Local —

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NYC Experimental Rockers JOBS Announce 7" Single, Collaboration w/ Visual Artist Sam King

Genre: Experimental Rock, Improvisation, Minimalism
RIYL: This Heat, Gastr Del Sol, The Books, Robert Ashley, The Books

JOBS’ most recent release for Ramp Local, Log On For The Free Chance To Log On, was “delightful and confounding in the best possible way,” (Pitchfork). Their bizarre, interlocking melodies flourished, and the addition of violist Jessica Pavone added an elegance unmatched by any previous JOBS album. Similar Canvas finds JOBS continuing their tradition of disorienting experimental rock, defined by a constant burst of musical ideas, where disjointed jolts of sound sit over and under tight, yet disorienting grooves. “Similar Canvas” is a restless track alternating between crashing waves of David Scanlon’s vocal sways and the pounding electronic rhythms from drummer Max Jaffe. All the while Jessica Pavone’s viola sits in the back, providing the long-tone meditative vibe she’s best known for. “Different Properties” is reminiscent of musical pastiche a la The Books. Surrealist lyrics take the forefront here, all the more jarring because of Scanlon’s vocal effects, oscillating between high and low pitch bends.

The music of JOBS simultaneously confronts and amazes listeners. Their music can easily be compared to abstract, cubist painting — discernible forms and themes exist, but are altered and distorted so much to the point where it becomes an almost-impossible task to divulge specific themes behind the music. Common threads like tabulation, socialization and commerce come about, but are never concretely touched on. Rather we are left to wrestle with fleeting emotions and concepts; opaque, raw and euphoric, yet utterly complete in JOBS’ unique tonal world.

Similar Canvas
November 22nd, 2019 - Ramp Local


Track List

1. Similar Canvas
2. Different Properties

Collaboration initiated be Sam King and JOBS in fall 2016, works completed, recorded, mixed, photographed, printed, and pressed in 2019.

Max Jaffe // Sensory percussion
Rob Lundberg // Bass
Jessica Pavone // Viola
Dave Scanlon // Guitar, Voice, and Programming

Mixed by Matt Mehlan

Visual works by Sam King

Letters From A Tapehead


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