What's (Re)New — Thee Oh Sees / Oh Sees / OCS on 8-Track

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If you check out the 5Seven Records website right now, you'll be confronted with an annoyingly unreadable nod to the days of GeoCities web pages, vivid green and yellow paragraphs typed out in Times with inactive underlining placed as if joking with the user: "Is it a link? Nope!". As if to drive home antiquity, you'll also be shown some info regarding John Dwyer's new boxset, which compiles 8-track versions of his work dated 2008 till 2018. This includes records from Thee Oh Sees, Oh Sees, and OCS. It also contains a zine.

I imagine the circle jerk comprised of collectors that commenced following this news was significant and led to multiple floods and drownings. While I'm not thrilled with the prospect of an unplayable boxset, (which is the case unless you own an 8-track player), the artifact(s) itself is something to look at. The cool factor is undeniable and there was certainly a lot of work put into it, but its impracticality runs strong.

That said, I still want one.

The set is due for release on November 25th. 5Seven Records is where to go get it.

This info comes courtesy of Tell All Your Friends. More info below.

Oh Sees have announced the release of their new box set of 8-track tapes. The box set will be a 12-album collection covering John Dwyer's work from 2008-2018. Each tape is a different album from The Oh Sees, Oh Sees and OCS and includes a zine and extra goodies.

"Only 100 hand numbered boxsets were made with only 60 going up for sale to the public. It took us well over a year to make these 100 sets, so this is the first and final edition of this massive boxset. Every 8-track cart in this collection was reconditioned by hand from 40+ year old cartridges and each album is on a specific color and hand numbered cartridge. No expense was spared making this limited boxset with original artwork by ELZO DURT, and which includes 130 songs and over 8 hours 21 minutes of music. The release includes a 36 page zine (with the making of the release, 8-track history, album information, band posters and more), a limited edition 5"x7" photo signed by JPD, & some extra goodies (3" patch, stickers, buttons)."

collectors beware

your gathering of arms is dangerously close to incomplete
the wizard has shook his crooked stick and *poof*
a thing of beauty
12 selected full albums from the discography of john dwyer’s oh sees, thee oh sees and OCS ranging from 2008-2018
the meat of the beast
this touring machine has time machined back in time to plant their kisses upon a plethora..no, a rainbow of 8 track cartridges
professionally dubbed and packaged beautifully (fest your peeled peepers on the pictures below)
with art by ELZO DURT ( ocs live, carrion crawler artist)
flourished with fan zine, iron-on patch pins and stickers

its a tank
had to search through many dimensions to unearth this arcana
and it took a master to wrangle it all into shape for this very special and limited release
niche? yes
substantial ? yes
fucking cool?
we think so

cheers big ears

Oh Sees the 8-track collection is available for order via 5Seven Records.

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