Beauty Pill: "Instant Night"

Chad Clark and Erin Nelson of Beauty Pill (photo by Morgan Klein)

A new single from Beauty Pill called “Instant Night” was released yesterday as a plea for the public to vote in the upcoming Presidential election. Accompanied by a mesmerizing video featuring illustrator (and ex-Beauty Pill member) Ryan Nelson as he inks portraits of Donald Trump, Lindsey Graham, and Mitch McConnell, Chad's Clark's avant-centric fascinations provide a fluid backdrop for singer Erin Nelson's musings: 

“Empathy! Oh, Empathy! That's the weakness they talk about in the movies…”

A satisfying series of melodic phrases and acoustic instrumentation arranged across undulating, fuzzy pulsars, Clark's continual evolution as a composer and sound alchemist has enjoyed three vehicles in 2020: Sorry You're Here, Please Advise, and now “Instant Night,” which is available to purchase at Bandcamp

Quoting Clark:
“Science fiction authors have warned us about dystopia for a century now. George Orwell warned you. Margaret Atwood warned you. Ira Levin warned you. Aldous Huxley said “Facts do not cease to exist just because they’re ignored.” Philip K Dick, Samuel Delany, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein… they all warned you.

And now we are warning you, I guess.

We hope you to feel it. We hope you act accordingly.”

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