clipping.: "Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday"

Visions of Bodies Being Burned, the latest horror-leaning LP from Sub Pop's clipping., is out today. Alongside the release, a new video surfaced featuring two tracks from the LP: “Enlacing & Pain Everyday”, the latter track having had a lyric video that was out earlier this month


Prior to the album's release, lyric videos for the tracks “Say The Name” and “‘96 Neve Campbell” also surfaced as hype for the album, along with the politically aggressive “Chapter 319”, which was released as a two-track digital single


Following 2019's excellent There Existed an Addiction to Blood, Visions of Bodies Being Burned is an ambitious sequel of sorts, rife with the dizzying, Tetris-level wordplay and the unconventional approach to composition that are specific to this trio. Daveed Diggs finds meter through muck oftentimes, backdrops conjured like tributes to crumbling industry or built as nods to junk drawer beat-making. 

(As an aside, I would be fascinated to hear a collaboration between clipping.'s William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes and M. C. Schmidt and Drew Daniel from Matmos.)

Smartly utilizing horror tropes to inspire soundscapes, generated by an uneasy and eerie mixture of incidental noise, drones, and discordant elements, Visions of Bodies Being Burned is all shadows with well-rationed head-knock granted to listeners that are ready to accept a challenge. 

All info comes courtesy of Sub Pop:
Photo credit: Cristina Bercovitz

Clipping shares the stunning “Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday” official video directed by C Prinz

Visions of Bodies Being Burned, their critically acclaimed new album out now worldwide from Sub Pop

Clipping have shared “Visions of Bodies Being Burned: Enlacing & Pain Everyday” a stunning new visual which features the two standout singles from Visions of Bodies Being Burned, their acclaimed new album out today on Sub Pop.

The gorgeously shot video stars the group’s frontman Daveed Diggs and was directed by C Prinz (Clipping’s “All In Your Head Video;” Chloe and Halle’s VMA-nominated “Do It”) who says of the video:
“This piece explores bodies and impact and gravity and sensation in a way that aims to overwhelm you as viscerally as our current world reality does mentally, but through the lens of the embodied experience. We are surrounded by surface level, fake realities through social media and politics. I just wanted to create a piece that serves as a momentary break from the superficial culture we live in and fantasize on a more genuine, honest reality in the effort it takes to survive right now.”

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is the second album of the “Body & Blood” socio-political horrorcore diptych (the first, the equally acclaimed companion record There Existed an Addiction to Blood, is also available now on Sub Pop).

Visions... was highlighted today in NPR Music’s “New Music Friday” discussion. Tarik Moody (of Radio Milwaukee) says, "The production, the lyrics — dark,'s also kind of Afrofuturistic. I see a lot, esp. in African Americans', in the creative world, horror films — Jordan Peele's Get Out, most recently, Lovecraft Country — this album conjures up those films, but with almost a social justice tint to it.” Ann Powers adds, “...there is a revolutionary undertone to this music in this sense that really to right the wrongs of American history we need a revolutionary project (hear the full discussion at NPR Music October 23rd).”

Visions...which includes the standouts “Say the Name,” “’96 Neve Campbell,” and the aforementioned “Pain Everyday (feat. Michael Esposito),” and “Enlacing,” was produced by Clipping, mixed by Steve Kaplan, and mastered by Rashad Becker. The album also features guest appearances from Ho99o9 (“ Looking Like Meat”), Jeff Parker & Ted Byrnes (“Eaten Alive”), Sickness (“Body for the Pile”) and Greg Stuart (“Invocation (Interlude)”). The final track, “Secret Piece,” is a performance of a Yoko Ono text score from 1953 that instructs the players to “Decide on one note that you want to play/Play it with the following accompaniment: the woods from 5am to 8am in summer,” and features nearly all of the musicians who appeared on both albums.

Visions of Bodies Being Burned is available to purchase from Sub Pop Mega Mart. The limited Loser edition on mixed red/orange/yellow colored vinyl is now sold out at Mega Mart, but is still available select independent retailers in North America and Bandcamp (while supplies last). Meanwhile, LP preorders of Visions of Bodies Being Burned throughout the UK and Europe from select independent retailers will receive the limited Loser edition on gold vinyl (also, while supplies last).

Clipping’s “Chapter 319,” the group’s standalone single released earlier this year is also now available on all DSPs through Sub Pop.

Visions of Bodies Being Burned

1. Intro
2. Say the Name
3. Wytchboard (Interlude)*
4. '96 Neve Campbell (feat. Cam & China)
5. Something Underneath
6. Make Them Dead
7. She Bad
8. Invocation (Interlude) (with Greg Stuart)*
9. Pain Everyday (with Michael Esposito)
10. Check the Lock
11. Looking Like Meat (feat. Ho99o9)
12. Drove (Interlude)*
13. Eaten Alive (with Jeff Parker & Ted Byrnes)
14. Body for the Pile (with Sickness)
15. Enlacing
16. Secret Piece

*CD/digital/cassette-only tracks

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