Only 7 Inches?: Bleach Everything's "Bound/Cured" 7" Flexi

Bleach Everything's two-song single, "Bound/Cured", has been pressed into a 7" "X-Ray" Flexi and is available from Dark Operative

This takes no time to sit through. The kidney-stone similar inner workings of my Keurig could wheeze and leak a diluted stream of coffee into an 8oz. cup in the time it takes to complete one listen of this single. That said, Bleach Everything manage to inject an inoffensive level of melody into breakneck'd hooks and densely kitchen-sink all the aggro they got into a little more than a minute for each track. The performances are tight, which is probably why these songs sound complete.

If you have two minutes to spare… 

Letters From A Tapehead


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