The Week's Mixtape (SIDE A) — Tomato Flower, Sea Change, El Ten Eleven, AEVITERNE, Low, Die Wilde Jagd, Maya Shenfield

Side A — Assembled 1/3-1/7

Following the turbulence of the Holidays and the excessive work schedules leading up to them, music continues to be my long sought-after balm for stress and the monotony of corporate drone'dom. Side A for the first week of January is light and loud, meditative or necessarily aggro. I'm happily excited about some of the records and singles I've had the opportunity to sample so far. Is it naive to assume this trend will continue well into 2023? Probably, but I'm content for now. 


Tomato Flower: "Red Machine" (via Ramp Local)

Ramp Local —

Gold Arc releases 2/11/22


Sea Change: "Is There Anybody There" (via Stereo Sanctity)

Mutual Dreaming releases 2/11/22


El Ten Eleven: "Meta Matta" (via Speakeasy PR)

Official Site —

Joyful Noise Recordings — (Pre-order)

New Year's Eve releases 3/4/22


AEVITERNE: "Denature" (via Earsplit PR)

The Ailing Facade releases 3/18/22


Low: "I Can Wait (via Sub Pop)

Official Site —

Hey What released 9/10/21


Die Wilde Jagd: "Atem (Album Preview)" (via mutante-inc.)

Atem released 1/14/22


Maya Shenfield: "Silver" (via Thrill Jockey)

Thrill Jockey — (Pre-order)

In Free Fall releases 1/28/22

Letters From A Tapehead


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