Bohren & Der Club of Gore: "Tief Gesunken"

Bohren & Der Club of Gore's noir-jazz is some of my favorite sounds on planet Earth, the type of thought-inducing, isolated tonality that cancels out distraction and allows you to sit in your head. It was announced that a new Bohren album, Patchouli Blue, would reaching our grateful ears on January 24th via Ipecac Recordings. Wintery conditions being what they are, I imagine the album will provide a suitable soundtrack for clear cold evenings.

Patchouli Blue's lead intro track is "Tief Gesunken." Enjoy the video.

If you're interested, please check out a review of 2014's Piano Nights.

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Dec. 13, 2019, Mülheim and der Ruhr, Köln – Bohren & der Club of Gore, who recently announced the Jan. 24 release of their eighth original album, Patchouli Blue (Ipecac Recordings), have debuted a second song from the forthcoming collection, sharing a video for “Tief Gesunken”

The clip, which continues Bohren & der Club of Gore’s visual aesthetic finds them reunited with producers Mark Sikora and Oliver Brand. The pair said of the clip, “New to ‘Tief Gesunken’ is the use of slow motion in combination with Jackson Pollock-influenced graphics.”

The German ambient dark jazz maestros previously shared “Sollen Es Doch Alle Wissen” ( with both songs available with pre-orders.

The band described
Patchouli Blue as “four parts ‘classic Bohren,’ three parts strange and four parts jazz lurkers.”

Bohren & der Club of Gore is Christoph Clöser (saxophone/Fender Rhodes, piano, vibraphone, drums), Morten Gass (organ, piano, vocoder, baritone guitar, mellotron, Fender Rhodes, drums) and Robin Rodenberg (double bass, drums). The band has released seven studio albums: Gore Motel (1994), Midnight Radio (1995), Sunset Mission (2000), Black Earth (2002), Geisterfaust (2005), Dolores (2008), Beileid (2011) and Piano Nights (2014). Pitchfork described the Köln-based band’s music as “a unique blend of metal, jazz and ambient” music, further dubbing it “anti-social cocktail music.” The Quietus said there’s “something terrifyingly beautiful” about the Clöser-helmed band.

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