Sorting Through Browser Tabs: Horsegirl, Sam Gendel, The Koreatown Oddity, Kamikaze Palm Tree, Pye Corner Audio, Rattle, Liz Lamere

The "I'll get back to that" portion of my brain results in sometimes 50 browser tabs being open, many of which are YouTube or Bandcamp links for bands and performers that I want to keep track of.  So, I'm sorting through browser tabs. And, so are you.  Horsegirl: "Anti-Glory" (from Versions of Modern Performance released by Matador Records ) Versions of Modern Performance by Horsegirl Sam Gendel:  "Uroko (鱗, fish scales)" (from  blueprint  releasing 10/14/22 by  Leaving Records ) Uroko (鱗, fish scales) by Sam Gendel Courtesy of Julian T. Schoen - Artist, Event & Project Management The Koreatown Oddity :  "Aggro Can" (from  ISTHISFORREAL?  releasing 7/22/22 by  Stones Throw ) Kamikaze Palm Tree:  "Flamingo" (from  Mint Chip  releasing 7/15/22 by  Drag City ) Mint Chip by Kamikaze Palm Tree Pye Corner Audio:  "Warmth Of The Sun" (from  Let's Emerge!  released by  Sonic Cathedral ) Let’s Emerge! b

Moor Mother: "WOODY SHAW (feat. Melanie Charles)"

"Life got us confused? Where are we going?"  Speaking from personal line of sight, I find myself continually enamored with and challenged by the work of Camae Ayewa (Moor Mother). Following 2021's entrancing Black Encyclopedia of Air ,  Jazz Codes , Ayewa's 2nd LP for Anti-, has been announced with the lead single and video, "WOODY SHAW".  Following sprays of sonorous howls and a lovely red herring R&B set-up, "WOODY SHAW" takes a pause before shifting into a turbulent free jazz backdrop, a cyclical stand-up bass riff anchoring the otherwise discordant sax, drums, and vibraphone.  "Woody Shaw elevator outta town!" Ayewa speaks, "Life got us going up and down. Who's coming? Who's coming for our ratios?"  The video premiered on June 8th. Jazz Codes can be pre-ordered at ANTI- . Official release date is July 1st. All info and links were provided by Stereo Sanctity.  “It’s poetry that drives this album. The stories o

OSEES: "Funeral Solution"

I'm admittedly way too smitten with OSEES to provide objective critique of any work this band composes and rips through. When new records are announced from John Dwyer and ever-rotating-Co., I immediately order one. Such was the case with their upcoming new album, A Foul Form , which had a rainbow splatter variant available for a hot second. I wasn't quick enough to grab one of those, but I was able to secure a copy on black. Those are now gone as well. If you're a CD fan, A Foul Form is still available at Castle Face . You can also purchase a digital copy from Bandcamp . Otherwise, looks like you're SOL until represses or misplaced copies surface online. Or, if you want to hand over your hard-earned loot to some opportunistic flipper at Discogs .  "Funeral Solution" is the lead single: throat-grating vocal set to an exuberant garage-stomping bounce. The video is appropriately and visually aggro.  A Foul Form is releasing 8/12. Fucking pumped. Info and links

What's (Re)New?: Sonic Youth's In/OUT/In

Sonic Youth In/OUT/In Three Lobed Recordings Released: 3/18/22 It was late in the life of Sonic Youth to release an album as excellent as Murray Street .  Following my first listen of In/OUT/In , the recently issued compilation of material recorded during the band's Jim O'Rourke era, my ears could discern the time and place of these recordings (2000-2010) and I felt the need to revisit  Murray Street (2002),  Sonic Nurse (2004), and  Rather Ripped (2006). This trio of releases would be the last of SY's major-label output prior to joining Matador for their final album, The Eternal (2009), and were met with almost-uniform positivity. With their Y2K-emergent NYC Ghosts and Flowers , reactive ambition clouded some of their decisions (plus, the theft of their instruments the prior year forced them to pick-up old instruments and start from scratch) and the band committed the sin of hyper-indulgence.  Personally, I liked NYC Ghosts and Flowers , but the three-album comedown th

Catching Up On Overdue Mixtapes (Side A) — Mark Guiliana, Odd Circus, OHYUNG, Charbonneau/Amato, Dälek, JOYFULTALK, saajtak, Tess Parks

Side A — Assembled 3/24-4/5 This may as well be titled March Sucked (Here's Some Music).  The saying may state "silence is golden", but I can confirm that that's never the case when it comes to my silence. It's normally work-related. Still trying to fix that. For music, I have a million tabs open on now multiple browser windows that I keep because "I may get back to it". These wind up being selections for these comp posts. Do these comp posts gain any views or pique enough interest to incentivize interaction (Holy alliteration, Batman!), or is this a waste of time? Not sure. Either way, these entries do provide somewhat of a handy-dandy checklist at the end of the year for me to reference when I'm selecting my favorite singles or albums of the year.  I know blogs are dead, but I still enjoy writing when I'm able. Don't laugh, but I've begun building an audience on TikTok and I'm trying to figure out how to engage this new audience wit

The Hated: "Everysong"

Do we like the sound of desperate hardcore? Numero Group just issued "Everysong" by The Hated, which isn't too far removed from the Hüsker-branded throat-tearing and raw emotional investment the Mould/Grant/Norton combo could generate. The track is audibly honest. Speed pushes the sincerity of the harsh instrumentation forward, but the vocal almost smothers everything beneath. The recording sounds like it was handled live. If Numero Group is planning to reissue this track in a physical format, I hope the mastering doesn't clean up the audio.  Track costs a buck at Bandcamp.  Everysong by The Hated Notes from the Bandcamp page: After the departure of original Hated rhythm section Colin Meeder and Mike Bonner, a new version of the group cropped up in former Spastic Rats drummer Kenny Hill’s basement in late ’86. The Hated had been on ice for a year with Dan Littleton expelled from school and Erik Fisher in college, but returned to Annapolis in with a youthful politic

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: "Plateau" (Lustmord cover)

Pelagic Records will be releasing a suitably expansive box set in tribute to dark electronics maestro, Lustmord (a.k.a. Brian Williams). The set is called The Other , an encompassing title that includes Lustmord's 2008 LP [O T H E R] , two remix albums, and  The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] , which is a 3-LP set of Lustmord covers carried out by an impressive roster of artists: Ulver, Enslaved, Godflesh, Zola Jesus, Steve Von Till, Ihsahn, Jaye Jayle, Jo Quail, Spotlights, and Mono to name a few. For the past day or so, I've wallowed in the darkness of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore's rendition of "Plateau", originally featured on Lustmord's 2009 LP, Beyond .  Not the most uplifting thing to be sonically enveloped by on a winter's day morning, but the chill is appropriate. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore essentially convert Lustmord's dense and Vantablack -level aural cavern into an uncomfortably dark and ominous lounge, incorporating their signature m