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OSEES: "Funeral Solution"

I'm admittedly way too smitten with OSEES to provide objective critique of any work this band composes and rips through. When new records are announced from John Dwyer and ever-rotating-Co., I immediately order one. Such was the case with their upcoming new album, A Foul Form , which had a rainbow splatter variant available for a hot second. I wasn't quick enough to grab one of those, but I was able to secure a copy on black. Those are now gone as well. If you're a CD fan, A Foul Form is still available at Castle Face . You can also purchase a digital copy from Bandcamp . Otherwise, looks like you're SOL until represses or misplaced copies surface online. Or, if you want to hand over your hard-earned loot to some opportunistic flipper at Discogs .  "Funeral Solution" is the lead single: throat-grating vocal set to an exuberant garage-stomping bounce. The video is appropriately and visually aggro.  A Foul Form is releasing 8/12. Fucking pumped. Info and links