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Only 7 Inches?: Bleach Everything's "Bound/Cured" 7" Flexi

Bleach Everything's two-song single, "Bound/Cured", has been pressed into a 7" "X-Ray" Flexi and is available from Dark Operative .  This takes no time to sit through. The kidney-stone similar inner workings of my Keurig could wheeze and leak a diluted stream of coffee into an 8oz. cup in the time it takes to complete one listen of this single. That said, Bleach Everything manage to inject an inoffensive level of melody into breakneck'd hooks and densely kitchen-sink all the aggro they got into a little more than a minute for each track. The performances are tight, which is probably why these songs sound complete. If you have two minutes to spare…  Bound/Cured by Bleach Everything Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

The Week's Mixtape — Video Round-Up: MF DOOM, Divide & Dissolve, Here Lies Man, Lizzard, Fuck The Facts, Tamar Aphek, Rachika Nayar, Paul Leary, Dale Crover

First video round up of 2021 to cap off a ridiculous week. Hope you're all staying safe. Cults are bad. MF DOOM: "Gazillion ( Ron Gallo Tribute remix)" (via Tell All Your Friends / New West Records ) Ron Gallo's upcoming album  PEACEMEAL is scheduled to release March 3rd.  Website — Note from Ron Gallo: "To date, I don't think an artists death has hit me as much as MF DOOM and I did not expect that until it happened. That feels like the DOOM way - he's like a shadow lurking genius, a humble kung fu master - grounded, calm but could kill you in ten seconds, in this case left the body on halloween of the most fucked up year in memory and no one found out until New Years eve. This remix I did just kind of fell into place as a tribute, I had made the music track a few weeks ago and then realized his vocal from "Gazillion Ear" fit perfectly on top. I love the way it turned out. It feels like a whole new world than the

Music in the Time of Corona (or, Just Some Selected Data Dumps That I Enjoyed in 2020)

"As awful as it sounds, an album is simply a data dump now." — Jon Caramanica, New York Times , 1/1/21 I'm a few days late delivering my favorite "data dumps" selections for 2020. I have no excuses other than pure exhaustion and an embarrassing lack of motivation. Plus, I wanted to revisit some of these albums before I committed them to a list.  On New Year's Eve, it came to light that the inimitable Daniel Dumile, a.k.a. MF DOOM, had passed away at the age of 49 two full months before anyone knew. He'd apparently died on Halloween. A mere two weeks ago, two (evidently posthumous) MF DOOM tracks produced by Flying Lotus and BADBADNOTGOOD surfaced. Doesn't really make the bad news any better, but it's something sweet for the ears at least.  Omissions & Lamentations  for 2020: I think 2020 should be an omission. It's already a lamentation. I'd like to be more active on the writing front moving forward and I'm in the process of pur