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Sorting Through Browser Tabs: Russian Circles, Buñuel, Child Bite, Kali Malone, Die Welttraumforscher

It's a Wednesday evening of sorting through browser tabs. Some tracks for your perusal:  Russian Circles: "Gnosis" (from Gnosis  releasing 8/19/22 by Sargent House ) Courtesy of Rarely Unable.  Buñuel : "It's All Mine" (from Killers Like Us released by Profound Lore ) Courtesy of Rarely Unable.  Child Bite : "Erect for Dystopia" (from Multicult / Child Bite split 12" by Hex Records ) MULTICULT/ CHILD BITE split 12" by Multicult/ Child Bite Kali Malone : "Living Torch II" (from Living Torch by  GRM Portraits ) Living Torch by Kali Malone Die Welttraumforscher:  "Glücklich. Traurig. Seltsam" (from Liederbuch releasing 8/19/22 by Bureau B ) Liederbuch by Die Welttraumforscher Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Disco Doom: "Mt. Surreal"

A pleasantly discordant new single from Disco Doom surfaced today called "Mt. Surreal", second single from the band's upcoming album of the same name. While it does take some time for the track to take shape, Disco Doom interestingly blur the line between jamming and improvisation. The track eventually collapses into No Wave-infused dissonance that embellishes the track's tangential extended second half, gentle improv that doesn't alienate or challenge the listener. In fact it's anchored well enough by a repeating bass riff, which stays with you long after the track finishes up. Pre-order link: Mt. Surreal will be released 9/16 via Exploding In Sound Records .   Sincerely,  Letters From A Tapehead