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Anna von Hausswolff: "Sacro Bosco"

A new single from Anna von Hausswolff surfaced today, announcing her upcoming new LP, All Thoughts Fly . Following the heavily arranged intensity of her 2018 release, Dead Magic , "Sacro Bosco" (which translates to "Sacred Grove") could suggest that this new release may provide more of a meditative, if not eerie or immersive, listen. But, that could change as more becomes known about this album, which is scheduled to release on 9/25 via Southern Lord Recordings .  All Thoughts Fly was built entirely from compositions performed on the pipe organ, which brings to mind Aine O'Dwyer 's 2012 release, Music For Church Cleaners .  While O'Dwyer's after-hours interactions with the instrument also relied upon the realtime and almost episodic goings on that occurred around her as she performed, von Hausswolff is treating this release as purely solo: single instrument; single presence. "Sacro Bosco" is cavernous, the breath of its machinery aud

Online Sounds: Boris — “鏡 -Zerkalo-“ & NO

Boris NO Released: 7.3.20 Boris ain't fuckin' around. The band's latest release, NO , was released as a digital LP on Bandcamp and finds the trio conjuring amplified gargantua via Discharge-blessed tempos ("Anti-Gone"), mountain-crumbling doom-laden immensity ("鏡 -Zerkalo-"), or softening sheets of ethereal tonality ("HxCxHxC -Perforation Line-"). NO functions well as an immediately gratifying and unbridled release of bullshit-free guitar-n-drum relayed energy. NO by Boris Sincerely,Letters From A Tapehead

J Zunz: "Y"

Album pre-order J. Zunz is the solo work of Lorena Quintanilla of Lorelle Meets The Obsolete. The new single and video for the track "Y," which is featured on the upcoming new LP, Hibiscus , exudes an ever-heightening level of electro-induced tension despite its minimalist presentation. Effectively discomforting, the subtleties of Quintanilla's work are intensified once the addition of abrasive synthesized elements. Hibiscus will be out 8/21 via Rocket Recordings . All info and links were provided by Rarely Unable. ENTER THE BEGUILING OTHERWORLD OF J. ZUNZ (THE SOLO WORK OF LORENA QUINTANILLA OF LORELLE MEETS THE OBSOLETE) SECOND ALBUM HIBISCUS INCOMING ON ROCKET RECORDINGS ON 21ST AUGUST PRE-ORDER LP & DIGITAL VIA BANDCAMP & OTHER OUTLETS + CASSETTE Hibiscus is the strikingly confident and singular second album from J. Zunz, the solo reinvention of Lorena Quintanilla - better known up until this point as