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To Whom It May Interest #3: We Loved Him Madly

To Whom It May Interest, A couple years ago, I was browsing through rows of used CDs at the local record store, trying to ignore the fact that it was hot as hell and there was no air conditioning. Every cracked case held something I couldn’t have cared less about. I don’t remember actually looking for anything specific I think I was just trying to find something cheap that looked half way interesting. I was about ready to leave, when I found a copy of Miles Davis ’ Get Up With It , an album I knew nothing about. It was a Japanese import and about $8. That was enough to warrant purchase. Anyway, I got into my car, unwrapped the first disc and put it on. Within five minutes, I was asking myself out loud, “Where is this going? Do something, will you?” The record’s first track, “He Loved Him Madly,” is 30+ minutes long. The first ten to fifteen minutes consists mostly of eerie organ, sporadically plucked instrumentation and the most random drumming. There is no structure at all,

Patton Tries Pop

Peeping Tom s/t Ipecac Recordings Released 5.30.06 Rating: 4 out of 4 I’m very behind on my review of this record. In all honesty, I’ve rewritten this review about four times and thought about very little else for the last three weeks. Mike Patton , quintessential embodiment of all that is anti- Pop has come up with something that makes very little sense: Patton made himself a Pop record. Now, to understand how uncharacteristic this is of Mr. Patton, one must understand the colorfully loud, vastly chaotic and purely independent output that he is known for. Having tasted life in the illustrious Top 40 almost twenty years ago with Faith No More ’s played out musical misnomer, “Epic,” Patton has since molded himself a career mostly devoid of MTV and radio. Since his seminal and accessible days in Faith No More , he’s been traveling musical avenues as varied as Frank Zappa ’s legacy, hitting metallic high notes as screeching loud as any longhair with a flying-V and producing beats as