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“Everything Is Average Nowadays” – Killing (And Maiming) Your Indie Idols

The above title references an unintentionally average song by the Kaiser Chiefs and perfectly summarizes the following indie observations about the following indie albums: Kaiser Chiefs Your Truly, Angry Mob UMVD Labels Released: 3.27.2007 Rating: 5 out of 10 The Kaiser Chiefs , displaying their own overwrought brand of epic new wave extremism, (see Bloc Party ), hit occasionally and miss more often with Yours Truly, Angry Mob . The Chiefs work capably, taking template after template and applying them to every song like a paint-by-numbers. The opening track, “Ruby,” provides a decent enough lead into the album before “Angry Mob,” trying to take it up a notch, fails to really make any impression about the so-called crowd of malcontents that are addressing themselves as if they’re anything special. “My Kind Of Guy,” which at least shows some kind of head for creative songwriting, and piano-to-rockabilly, “Learnt My Lesson Well,” both try and improve the monotony of the album but ult

Attempt #4

Morning, Far be it from me to make excuse after excuse about my lack of posting, but fucking COMCAST is driving me nuts! Tomorrow is the day. After tomorrow, I should be able to get online and update this blog with more regularity. After gaining a little recognition, the last thing I'd want to do is lose any new fans. So, once again, please be patient. I'm working simultaneously on about 4 or 5 reviews's not for lack of effort, just lack of Internet. Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

What’s It Worth To You?

Radiohead In Rainbows Released: Download — 10.10.07 Discbox (Double LP set) — 12.3.07 CD — Possibly January 2008 Rating: 8.25 out of 10 So, what is it really worth to you? Presenting an option to the people who desperately needed it and possibly cutting down on instances of bootlegged audio, Radiohead ’s latest album, In Rainbows , was available for digital download as of October 10th. Aside from one transfer fee, the fans were able to make their own price and then enjoy the immediate gratification of an official download. In the meantime, for those that want it, a double-LP will be mailed out in early December, boasting extra tracks and a free download. The actual CD release of In Rainbows will happen in early 2008. Since the years of the “evil” Napster, significant trends where albums are leaked onto the Internet and then virally shared have become more than commonplace. In such instances, historically speaking, release dates have been pushed up to try and dissuade temptatio

Letters From A Tapehead has groupies...

I'm thrilled to announce that PC Magazine has named Letters From A Tapehead one of their favorite 100 blogs for 2007 . This is quite an honor and I'm very thankful to have been recognized. As always, thank you for reading, Letters From A Tapehead PS--Special thanks to Alan Henry for his nomination and generously positive write-up.

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I should have this up over the next couple days. Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Trapped In The Pet Sounds

It’s difficult to reconsider the classics. Forty years after damaging the pop music paradigm, The Beach Boys ’ Pet Sounds has been dissected, bisected and trisected every which way by musicians and critics alike only so that they could all come to one conclusion: It’s important. Brian Wilson , after hearing The Beatles ’ Rubber Soul , caught a whiff of change and decided that he wanted to do more than sing about surfing. So, while the rest of The Beach Boys were touring, Wilson slaved away at his piano, borrowed some ideas and musicians from Phil Specter (yeah, the weirdo that just got away with murder) and then put his group through hell while getting the notes just right. After the album’s release, it inspired The Beatles to come up with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and thus the 60s REALLY began. Probably more remarkable than the fact that a “teenage”-friendly pop act like The Beach Boys managed to deepen their relevance is that Wilson, then 23, knew how to make a reco

Still On Pause (Thank You, Comcast)

Two weeks in the new digs and we still have no Internet. I'm really trying to keep Letters From A Tapehead up and running, but obviously it's been difficult to keep up without being online. Hopefully soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience. I'm in the middle of a good amount of reviews, so please hang in there. Thanks and hope to be back on real soon. Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

“Everybody knows you dance like you fuck” — Vultures of Culture at the Electric Factory

Dax Riggs Howlin’ Rain Queens of the Stone Age Electric Factory Philadelphia, PA 9.29.07 After finding my way to the Electric Factory, it was narrow streets and pedestrians until I thankfully parked my car. Around every corner, excitable men with orange flags will wave you into their grasp: “SHOW PARKING! EIGHT DOLLARS!” I wound up spending ten when all was said and done, avoiding the extra gratuity suggested by the toothless crack addict that loudly waved me into my parking spot. My brother and I quickly walked a block or two and made it into the club after a thorough pat-down and a couple ink stamps were applied to the back of our hands, assuring the meathead with the flashlight upstairs that we were both legal to drink. We were ten minutes late for the opening act, a fellow by the name of Dax Riggs . While ordering two expensive Dixie cups of inexpensive beer (Pabst, by the way), we wound up standing in an area where we had no view of the stage. A projection on the wall across

On Pause...

Morning, As of yesterday evening, I'm completely moved into my home. Unfortunately, I'm without internet access for the next week or so, IF everything goes according to plan. In the meantime, I'm hoping that I can get some updating done through my work access. Otherwise, it's going to be a little bit before I can update regularly. So, be patient and I'll be back soon. Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead