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The Mailbox Giveth: Blood Bright Star

Singles: Daniel Lanois, Karl J. Paloucek, Full Of Hell/Merzbow, Baptists

No Ripcord: Shellac

Shopping For Records: More Superior Viaduct reissues — electric eels, Glenn Branca and Alain Goraguer

The Inbox Giveth: Aperiodic, Mala In Se, Joe 4 and Knife The Symphony double-split 7-inch

Godflesh: "Imperator"

Shopping For Records: Fugazi's First Demo

Daughter of a Tapehead: Sleep

Singles: Stephon Alexander & Rioux, Grouper, Pyrrhon, Split Red, Doomsday Student

Shopping For Records: Death, Killing Joke, Public Image, Ltd.

Atriarch: "Collapse"

Singles: Tera Melos, TV On The Radio, Sinoia Caves, Obake, il sogno del marinaio