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Thrill Jockey Records & Thou Present: Many Waters — Baton Rouge Flood Relief 2017

TRAX!: Rebecca Foon, King Champion Sounds, Hauschka, Oozepus, Joy, No Joy, Sunless, Parlor Walls

No Ripcord: Uniform

Music Pounding In My Head: Channels "Backpfeifengesicht" b/w "Airstrip One"

Fugazi: "And The Same"

Entrance: "Not Gonna Say Your Name" (proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood)

Music Pounding In My Head: thisquietarmy

TRAX!: Pissed Jeans, Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble, Unearthly Trance, David Bowie, Monolord, Pharmakon, Equinox, Ummagma

Buys & Receipt: Wire, Flying Lotus, Sun Ra

What's (Re)New?: Sleep's "The Clarity" 12"

TRAX!: E, Uniform, Droughts, Dan Deacon

Oh, 2016... You're Gone and That's Totally Cool.

Music Pounding In My Head: IT'S NOT NIGHT: IT'S SPACE

Buried in a Good Mix Tape: Best of 2016 Mix...