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Bohren & Der Club Of Gore: "Plateau" (Lustmord cover)

Pelagic Records will be releasing a suitably expansive box set in tribute to dark electronics maestro, Lustmord (a.k.a. Brian Williams). The set is called The Other , an encompassing title that includes Lustmord's 2008 LP [O T H E R] , two remix albums, and  The Others [Lustmord Deconstructed] , which is a 3-LP set of Lustmord covers carried out by an impressive roster of artists: Ulver, Enslaved, Godflesh, Zola Jesus, Steve Von Till, Ihsahn, Jaye Jayle, Jo Quail, Spotlights, and Mono to name a few. For the past day or so, I've wallowed in the darkness of Bohren & Der Club Of Gore's rendition of "Plateau", originally featured on Lustmord's 2009 LP, Beyond .  Not the most uplifting thing to be sonically enveloped by on a winter's day morning, but the chill is appropriate. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore essentially convert Lustmord's dense and Vantablack -level aural cavern into an uncomfortably dark and ominous lounge, incorporating their signature m

The Week's Mixtape (Side A) — Boo Hiss, Ty Segall, The Furniture, SICAYDA, Thalia Zedek Band, Earthen Sea, ADULT., Cloakroom, Tempers, Nequient

Side A — Assembled 1/17-2/4 (Written Sunday, 1/30) It's almost 9PM on the final Sunday of the month of January. Sheltered from the outside chill, my headphones are strapped on and I'm reviewing some new singles for this week's mixtape while mentally preparing myself for a demanding and high-pressure stretch of the days till next Friday. Won't be long before the dog needs a walk and we're both stomping through the elements, the crunch of salt and snow our soundtrack.  Apparently, I'd forgotten I'd already purchased Boris's new LP, W , from Bandcamp and I foolishly bought another variant directly from Sacred Bones . So, now I have the "sea blue" and the "baby blue w/ white starburst" variants, the latter of which I'll probably keep sealed. I'm also still waiting on my copy of Sunn O)))'s  Metta, Benevolence. BBC 6Music: Live on the Invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs . I'm supposed to get that this week. It's available