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TV Ghost: "Five Colors Blind" (Video)

I posted the first single, " Elevator ," from TV Ghost a couple weeks ago.  A new video and single has surfaced and it's worth checking out. The band will be releasing a new album, Disconnect , in early September via In The Red.  All info comes courtesy of Enabler PR. TV GHOST PREMIERE “FIVE COLORS BLIND” VIDEO NEW ALBUM DISCONNECT OUT SEPTEMBER 3 ON IN THE RED RECORDS LISTEN TO FIRST SINGLE “ELEVATOR” FROM DISCONNECT Today, psychedelic post-punks, TV Ghost, premiered their new video “Five Colors Blind” with Vice’s Noisey HERE . On September 3, TV Ghost release their third full-length LP, Disconnect , on In The Red Records. Disconnect pushes the Indiana born band even further down their unparalleled tunnel of multidimensional broadcast interceptions. They have incorporated churning rhythms and psychedelic drone into a lush torrent of gaseous keys, sprawling guitars and eerie melody – echoing some Can kraut and Bad Seeds swagger, while infectiously

Singles: dBridge, Esmerine, Gaytheist, Big French, Sleepmakeswaves

dBridge : "Death of a Drum Machine" (via R&S Records /Force Field PR) Esmerine : "Barn Board Fire" (via The Quietus ) Gaytheist: "Stomach Pains" (via Good to Die Records/ Whitey McConnaughy ) Big French: "In the Morning of the World" (via Enabler PR) Sleepmakeswaves: "In Limbs and Joints" (via Us/Them Group) Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehaed

No Ripcord: Big Black Cloud

Big Black Cloud Black Friday Eolian Empire Released: 7.2.13 No Ripcord review Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

What I Heard This Morning: Outer Gods & Orbweaver

Like ketchup blood and styrofoam horns, like filmic depravity played out on scarred celluloid, the aurally charged "Beyond the Crimson Gate," a single (of sorts) by Outer Gods , relishes in the grim and brings to mind age old horror at its most gratifying.  A gruesome twosome if you will, (members The Flail and The Wrathe … no joke) Outer Gods is releasing an album at the end of July titled Light Dims Eternal via Domestic Genocide. Check out the single and the video below.  All info comes courtesy Earsplit PR. OUTER GODS: Atlanta Post-Blackened Noise Duo To Unleash Domestic Genocide Debut New Video Single Posted “The dream was marvelous but the terror was great; we must treasure the dream whatever the terror; for the dream has shown that misery comes at last to the healthy man, the end of his life is sorrow.” – The Epic of Gilgamesh Atlanta post blackened noise duo OUTER GODS recently joined forces with eclectic label imprint Domestic Genocide for the release of th

Going Underground: Trailer

There's a new documentary examining Paul McCartney 's role in UK's underground scene during the latter half of the 60s called, Going Underground: Paul McCartney, the Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture .  As John Lennon is the Beatle often associated with the avant-garde simply because he married a pop artist who liked to bellow and squeal ad-fucking-nauseum and drive nails into wood, McCartney had investigated the likes of John Cage and Stockhausen while The Beatles were investing their drug-'spanded hues into studio output and had apparently rubbed shoulders with some interesting, "far out" folk.  Very interested to check this out.  Give the trailer a look and read up.  All info comes courtesy of MVD Entertainment Group. GOING UNDERGROUND Paul McCartney, the Beatles, and the UK Counter-Culture Coming to DVD on October 1st In the mid-1960s the often rigid and colourless British way of life was irrevocably transformed by the emergenc

jesu: "Friends Are Evil" (because they tell you about new jesu albums)

I've yet to hear any audio from jesu 's ( Justin K. Broadrick ) upcoming new album, Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came , which is a rather spiritually macabre title to an album that will undoubtedly get the Godflesh geeks doubly eager since the band has reunited.  All info comes courtesy of Rarely Unable.  JESU ANNOUNCES SEPTEMBER 23 RELEASE DATE AND ALBUM TITLE OF UPCOMING STUDIO ALBUM Justin K. Broadrick has today announced that jesu's upcoming studio album is to be released in the UK/EU on September 23, 2013. Formats will include CD, digital and vinyl. Over two years in the making, the follow up to 2011's full length album Ascension is titled Every Day I Get Closer to the Light From Which I Came . jesu mainman Justin K Broadrick slowly worked at this album while remaining active with the reunited Godflesh, and pursuing other projects and remixes, as is usual for Justin; in this period amongst many, Justin has remixed both Mogwai and Cult Of

MusicFilmWeb: Downloaded

MusicFilmWeb's Music Documentary Monday feature, 7.22. Downloaded Directed by Alex Winter Released: 2013   MusicFilmWeb review Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Yuck: "Rebirth" (Video)

Milking the Loveless teet, a new single from Yuck has emerged.   "Rebirth" is the first single from the band's upcoming new album, (which I guess is still lacking a title), and works its way through the harmonized textures of fuzz-laden shoegazing r 'n r. Is it good? Sure — just derivative.  As indicated by the single, this is something the band hasn't changed. Since My Bloody Valentine decided to follow-up their widely celebrated opus with a new album this year, I'm not sure Yuck continues to fill the void left vacant for years during the subsequent tides of late 90s nü metal and alterna-hackery and the garage revivalism and indie nostalgia campaigns that took place through most of the 00s.  Yuck sounded kind of refreshing despite its homage-worthy output.  That being said, will they remain relevant?  Thoughts?  Feel free to comment. I reviewed the band's 2011 self-title debut for No Ripcord . All info and links are courtesy of Force Field

Lumerians: "Life Without Skin" (Video)

The video is cool, but the song is better. This new single from Lumerians ' upcoming album, The High Frontier , ably generates the nervous energy that the video is attempting to match visually, its repetition, noir-ish narration and sudden changes in tempo, not to mention the theremin-like buzz that travels through its every melody (the song is riddled with science fiction), enough to heighten the senses.  Post-punk still manages to sound fresh well over thirty years past its point of origin, so long as it's done well. Check out the video, listen to the song and then read the info that was happily provided by Life or Death PR. Lumerians - Life without Skin from m m on Vimeo . LUMERIANS SHARE NEW VIDEO FOR "LIFE WITHOUT SKIN" VIA NOISEY THE HIGH FRONTIER AVAILABLE AUGUST 27TH VIA PARTISAN RECORDS WATCH: "Life Without Skin" -   In advance of the release of their new album The High Frontier , Lumerians are shar

Shopping For Records: "Yes, I'm the Annoying Shopper That Doesn't Give a Fuck About the In-Store Performance. So, Move."

If you're not in the mood to work through a crowd while digging for albums, check the record store's events calendar.  Mind you I'm certainly not against bands performing in record stores.  I was at Siren Records last night, doing a little overdue perusal and happy at the fact that the store was packed.  If music fans are in the store, it's likely they'll walk out with worthwhile purchases tucked under their arms and the store will carry on another day.  However, it had been a while since I'd had the opportunity to hang out at the record store and casually survey the wares.  To facilitate the night's acts, half the store had to be blocked off by a raised platform and obviously a drum kit and sound equipment, which leaves the other half of the store available for the audience, the bands' gear and merch.  Consequently, I couldn't shop a good portion of the store.  I was able to hit the new releases, the indie/punk/hardcore/metal section and the jazz

Singles: Boyfrndz, Dead in the Dirt, TV Ghost, Joanna Gruesome, Morcheeba

Boyfrndz: "Moving Parts" (via Terroreyes.TV ) Dead in the Dirt: "The Blaring Eye" (via Lambgoat ) TV Ghost: "Elevator" (via Pitchfork /Enabler PR) Joanna Gruesome: "Secret Surprise" (via Brooklyn Vegan ) Morcheeba: "Gimme Your Love" (via PIAS America/VEVO) Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Wire — 7.13.13

Wire at the Union Transfer, 7.13.13. Photo by Jenniah Janisheck Caldwell Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Cattle Decapitation: "An Exposition of Insides"

Because it's now less than two hours till weekend time, (and I know what hard working, dedicated and tireless lot read my piddly, self-aggrandizing and annoyingly positioned to be "in the know" brand of bullshit), it seemed like the right thing to do to offer you this single from Cattle Decapitation . Why? Because that's what nice motherfucker I am. Plus, ignoring the obviousness of what some may consider plain obnoxious, this single, which is titled "An Exposition of Insides," happens to be the Japanese-only inclusion of the band's album, Monolith of Inhumanity , which was released in May of 2012.  Citing the dismay of many of the band's American fans, Cattle Decapitation is issuing the "Your Disposal" 7" and including this rarity as its B-Side. The band will be touring as part of this year's Summer Slaughter tour, sharing the bill with the likes of The Dillinger Escape Plan , Animals As Leaders , Periphery , Norma Jean , T

Monogamy Party: "Crimes"

A quick flash of artful whut : Monogamy Party 's "Crimes" is the first single from the band's upcoming debut, False Dancers .  Grazing the No Wave propensity to whir, whine and wince, Monogamy Party's up tempo barrage of noise rock stops and starts, motors and twists.  It's brackish and aggro, strange enough not to readily categorize "punk" or "problem child rock." False Dancers will be out September 17th.   All info is provided courtesy of Good to Die Records. MONOGAMY PARTY shares details of first full length False Dancers out September 17th Stream new song " Crimes " via SoundCloud July 10th, 2013, Seattle - The original trio of Monogamy Party - Kennedy on vocals, Yos-wa on bass, and Keith on drums - was a powerful enough entity. Just take another spin through their impish and intense 10" EP Pus City right now if you don't believe us. Or, just listen to the good people at Seattle Weekly who call

No Ripcord: Master Musicians of Bukkake

Master Musicians of Bukkake Far West Important Records Released: 6.10.13 No Ripcord review Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

iSub Pop...

As more and more good music becomes available digitally it grows ever difficult to dissuade music consumers from spending their green on files.  While I know it's important for record labels, (indies especially), to remain current and competitive, which makes providing a digital option essential, the control employed by the likes of iTunes removes much of the ownership of music legally purchased and the product is normally substandard anyway.  But, that's the purist in me talking.  In all honesty, considering the list of albums and singles that Sub Pop will now be making available through iTunes, at least the digital library is becoming a better stocked and more varied resource.  Recognizing 25 years of Sub Pop, here's the lable's remarkable discography, some of which is available after years of being out of print. All info comes courtesy of Sub Pop (naturally). Sub Pop Classic Albums Mastered For iTunes Out Of Print Singles Available For The First Time Digitall

Shopping For Records: High On Fire vinyl reissues...

Relapse Records is reissuing High On Fire 's Surrounded By Thieves , Blessed Black Wings and Death Is This Communion later this month as double LP sets.  I myself will be replacing my shitty promo copy of Death Is This Communion , which, for the purposes of foiling the rampant endeavors of music pirates everywhere, is split into 100 or more tracks, each song chopped into ten second increments.  I paid $4 for it through some independent vendor thinking I was getting a bargain.  Yeah.    Info provided by Relapse Records. HIGH ON FIRE: Classic Albums to See Vinyl Reissue High on Fire’s classic records, Surrounded By Thieves, Blessed Black Wings, and Death Is This Communion are each receiving a deluxe vinyl reissue this July via Relapse Records. Out-of-print for some time, each album is being released as a gorgeous 2xLP set on two brand new, exclusive colors complete with gatefold tip-on jackets. The vinyl will be released on July 23rd and is available for pre-order

Sebadoh's Defend Yourself artwork...

Here's a video featuring the reveal of artwork to be used on the upcoming new Sebadoh album, Defend Yourself , which is being released by Joyful Noise.  It's scheduled to release September 17, 2013. The video was provided by Joyful Noise. Sebadoh "Defend Yourself" Artwork Reveal from Joyful Noise on Vimeo . Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

BL'AST: Unearthed Recording Session Being Released

So, Dave Grohl discovered somethin' kewl... Apparently, he helped discover an unknown recording session from the hardcore band, BL'AST , which will be released by Southern Lord as Blood .  Check out the album trailer below and read up on the info, which comes to you courtesy of Earsplit PR. BL'AST!: An Unreleased Recording Session Brought To Life By Dave Grohl Set For September Release Via Southern Lord As far as stories of lost and found recorded material go, few tales can be told where all the pieces of the puzzle come together in fortunate ways, resulting in a brand new recording that surprised even the band themselves. Having formed in 1982, infamous Santa Cruz hardcore legends BL’AST! released their first album, The Power of Expression in 1985. This debut blew everyone away and went on to become one of the highly sought after, “must- have” hardcore albums of the ‘80s. BL'AST! was beyond intense, continually pushing the boundaries of hardcore with their a

The Knife: "Raging Lung" (Sorklubben live video)

The Knife will be releasing "Raging Lung" as its next single.  The fact that it borrows some lyrics from Fugazi , "Raging Lung" is one of standouts from The Knife's Shaking the Habitual , itself an interestingly eclectic and dizzying two-album release.  And, from the looks of the single's cover, it would appear that loud, obnoxious color combos reamain a fully realized pursuit.   Check out the video below.  All info provided by Mute. The Knife & Sorklubben Present… Shaking The Habitual Show Live Video “Raging Lung” Announced as Next Singl e   The Knife announce new single “Raging Lung” and have released a Shaking The Habitual Show live video set to the track. The video, self directed by Sorklubben (The Knife performance collective), is the first officially released footage of the Shaking The Habitual Show , and contains a montage of live footage filmed at The Knife's headline show at Hangaren Subtopia in Stockholm in May 2013. The t

No Ripcord: Sic Alps

Sic Alps She's On Top 12" (Drag City) Released: 5.21.13 No Ripcord review Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Singles: disappears, Holograms, Pissed Jeans, Medicine, His Electro Blue Voice

disappears : "power" (via Rarely Unable/Kranky) Holograms: "Meditations" (via FADER ) Pissed Jeans: "Romanticize Me" (via Sub Pop) Medicine : "It's Not Enough" (via SPIN ) His Electro Blue Voice : "Sea Bug" (via Sub Pop) Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead