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TRAX!: The Besnard Lakes, Strange Lot, anjou, Pissed Jeans, Mons VI, Jessica Moss, Sam Rae, You'll Never Get to Heaven

Long overdue track selections for February... The Besnard Lakes : "The Divine Wind" (via Jagjaguwar /YouTube) Strange Lot : "Have It Your Way" (via Tell All Your Friends PR/Soundcloud) anjou : "glamr" (via Rarely Unable/ kranky /Soundcloud) Pissed Jeans : "The Bar is Low" (via Sub Pop /YouTube) Mons VI : "Away" (Mons VI/Bandcamp) Away/Tangerine (Eternity Redux) by Mons Vi Jessica Moss : "Glaciers I (Part I)" (via Rarely Unable/ Constellation Records /Soundcloud) Sam Rae : "It's Alright, It's Okay" (via Terrorbird Media/Soundcloud) You'll Never Get to Heaven : "Images" (via Force Field PR/ Yellow K Records /Soundcloud) Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Buys & Receipt: Angelo Badalamenti, Ultravox!, Tangerine Dream, Cecil Taylor, Cocteau Twins, Pigbag, Godzik Pink

Death Waltz Recording Company/Mondo : Angelo Badalamenti Twin Peaks Originally released: 1989 Reissued: 8.10.16 Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me Originally released: 1992 Reissued: 1.25.17 Death Waltz Recording Company Am I a bad fan since I haven't opened either of these yet?  Angelo Badalamenti 's excellent soundtracks for David Lynch 's Twin Peaks series and its accompanying film provided a necessary and magnetic dimension to this tale of murder and this town's cast of weirdos affected by the event.  Truth to be told my hesitation to break these open is for purely geek reasons, most significant of which is that I need to acquire some plastic sleeves so I can safely file them onto my shelves.  Those die cut covers, while well-conceived and beautifully crafted, can be easily damaged. The other reason is that the soundtrack vinyl is no longer for sale . I managed to buy this copy from a seller at Discogs, which was a thankfully quick and painless experi

No Ripcord: Richard Pinhas

Richard Pinhas Reverse Bureau B Released: 1.27.17 No Ripcord review Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

Daughter of a Tapehead: David Bowie (and Her First Record)

David Bowie ChangesOneBowie Rhino/Parlophone Released: 5.20.16 Originally released: 5.76 Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead