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Shopping For Records #54: Queens & Dischord (Vinyl)

"Father Well-Past Midnight:" Earth at Johnny Brenda's

Boris: Hope/Riot Sugar

Beauty Pill: Ann The Word (Demo)

Talkdemonic: Duality of Deathening

Did you hear?

What I Heard This Morning: Zorch

What I Heard This Morning: WHIRR

Shopping For Records #53: The Bug (Art)ifact...

What I Heard This Morning: Chelsea Wolfe

Yuck: Shook Down

Empty Space Orchestra: Exit Strategy

What I Heard This Morning: Gypsy Treasures & Railcars, (or two of Aria Jalali’s pscyh/shit gaze projects)...

Tera Melos: Kelly

Joan As Police Woman: Chemmie

Sonic Youth: Out and In

Grinderman: Mickey Bloody Mouse

Father’s Day: A reason to search for instances of “Dad” and “Father” in your music library.

Public Enemy: Welcome To The Terrordome (Fear 2011)

No Ripcord: Liturgy

Le Butcherettes: New York