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Sorting Through Browser Tabs: Deniz Cuylan, Deru, Bill Nace, Anna B. Savage, torpedo, Greber, Alexis Castrogiovanni, Persher, SSWAN

I had a good time today. It's not often that over the course of a workday I'm able to direct some attention to my periphery, just enough that I keep to the necessary tasks while engaging with something more worthwhile. In this case, I spent some time today checking out some long overdue songs and artists that I'd meaning to investigate for the past few weeks. It's been a bit since I sorted through browser tabs.  That said, there's a lot to review. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment.  ____________________________ Deniz Cuylan: "Hidden Language Of Four" (from Rings Of Juniper releasing 10/14/22 by Hush Hush Records ) Deniz Cuylan · Hidden Language Of Four Courtesy of C L A N D E S T I N E  L A B E L  S E R V I C E S. Deru : "The Dirt" (from  We Will Live On  releasing 10/28/22 by Friends Of Friends ) Courtesy of Terrorbird Media.  Bill Nace : "E:E" (from  Through A Room  releasing 11/11/22 by  Drag City )   Courtesy of Drag City. 

"Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother" by Oort Smog

"Every Motherfucker Is Your Brother". This is the sort of combination of words that I long to find buried in the brittle pages of some forgotten book of vulgar proverbs or pulled from the broken shards of the evening's takeout fortune cookie. Perhaps this five-word bit of excellence was the work of some once-aspirational, albeit failed, author, unhappy to be toiling in the marketplace of meaningless phrases and bland advice found within the confines of often-discarded cookies who found inspiration one day and followed through.  However, this phrase isn't a proverb nor is it a fortune, but the title track of a single-piece 12" by the duo Oort Smog, an effort by multi-instrumentalist Patrick Shiroishi and drummer Mark Kimbrell. For now, a less than three-minute clip is available as "Every Motherfucker" and showcases a bit of percussive prog-jazz, loose enough at moments for the brass to scribble outside the lines on occasion but never at the expense of th