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What I Heard This Morning/Week/Last Week: Arc In Round, Ape School, Rumplestiltskin Grinder

Odd Future: "Sam Is Dead"

Dinosaur Jr.: "Watch the Corners"

What I Heard This Morning: Milk Music

Public Enemy: I Shall Not Be Moved

EYEHATEGOD: "Medicine Noose" (Live)

Woods: I Was Gone

Com Truise: Open

Om: State Of Non-Return

What I Heard This Morning: The Hand To Man Band

6.18.12: Paul McCartney at 70…

MusicFilmWeb: Not a Photograph: The Mission Of Burma Story

What I Heard This Morning (Sort of): METZ

No Ripcord: The Melvins (Lite)

John Coltrane: "Love"

Mount Eerie: "Pale Lights"

The Mailbox Giveth: The Chrome Cranks

Indian Handcrafts: Terminal Horse

Shopping For Records: New Dinosaur Jr. albums, I Bet On Sky

Ihsahn: Introspection

Led Er Est: Kaiyo Maru

Ghostandthesong: Ou Inme

What I Heard This Morning: Pony Trash

No Ripcord: Liars

A Place to Bury Strangers: And I'm Up