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No Ripcord (Quick Takes: March/April 2019): Oozing Wound & Metro Crowd

Hit the link for reviews of Oozing Wound's excellent High Anxiety, out now via Thrill Jockey Records and Metro Crowd's Planning which is available from Maple Death Records. No Ripcord — QUICK TAKES (MARCH/APRIL 2019) Oozing Wound High Anxiety Thrill Jockey Records Released: 3.15.19 The "Nuclear Waste" green variant is still available from Thrill Jockey. My copy is en route: . ___________________________ Metro Crowd Planning Maple Death Records Released: 3.22.19 Metro Crowd 's Planning is available for purchase at Maple Death Records: Sincerely , Letters From A Tapehead

New Selections — TR/ST, Charles Bradley, Earthen Sea, Pinkish Black, Blossom, Siskiyou, Boy Harsher, Spirits Having Fun

I've been playing catch-up. TR/ST : "Gone" (via Tell All Your Friends PR / House Arrest  /  DAZED  / YouTube) Via Tell All Your Friends PR: TR/ST has shared the new video for “Gone”, the soaring electronic pop first single from his new LP The Destroyer - 1 out now on Grouch/House Arrest. Directed by LA filmmaker Jordan Hemmingway, the visual accompaniment to "Gone" is bursting with vivid colours and lens flare around TR/ST mainman Robert Alfons ' dramatic and dark to camera performance. Jordan Hemingway about the making of the video: "Shot in a cavern in the hills of Los Angeles, the music video for 'Gone' is a visual homage to an era of music videos I grew up to. The jarring angles and visuals mixed with vivid color are meant to match the haunting vocals that sit beautifully over an upbeat sound." Robert Alfons adds: "Filmed over the course of one weekend, I think Jordan did a fantastic job capturing the feeling of desp