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El Drugstore: "The Natives Are Getting Useless"

New Year's Eve brings about the release of El Drugstore 's upcoming new album, Plague Ship.   As the release date approaches, the band thought it a good idea to release the new single, "The Natives Are Getting Useless," which offers a nice taste of the band's prog metal intensity.  I can't embed the track, unfortunately, but it's up at MetalSucks .  Or, check out this link .   EL DRUGSTORE: MetalSucks Drops Single From NJ Instrumental/Prog Mutants' Debut Full-Length As New Jersey's mutant trio of the progressive metal scene, EL DRUGSTORE, prepares to sail their Plague Ship debut full-length, the first bait traps have been set with the release of the album's maiden single. Now streaming at MetalSucks, the sixth of the ten riff-torpedos loaded into Plague Ship 's cannons is a prime example of the deranged but dexterous and over-amplified, instrumental professionally-imbalanced craftsmanship these three deckhands mop the place up wit

Mogwai: "The Lord is Out of Control" (Video)

The Vocoder will be the new Auto Tune and it will be blessed by retro charm, which will make it hipster-appropriate, indie-credible and fully supported by PBR-scented neck beards everywhere.  Ah, I'm just talking shit. The typically awesome Mogwai released a new video for the single, "The Lord is Out of Control."  Expect to hear this within the confines of the band's upcoming new album, Rave Tapes , which will be out in late January via Sub Pop.  In addition to your normal formats (i.e. LP, CD, MP3, SUV, STD...etc. ), there's a special edition box set of Rave Tapes being released that's limited to 500 copies.  They're up for pre-order, so you may want to get yours now before some enterprising yung'un with daddy's credit card picks up a copy and tries to pimp it online for your firstborn or a handjob.  Here's the video: Now, look at the info, which was handed to me via email by the good people at Sub Pop. Watch Mogwai’s new vide

New Bums: "Black Bough"

Ben Chasny ( Six Organs of Admittance ) and Donovan Quinn ( Skygreen Leopards ) are releasing a collaborative new effort as New Bums .  The album is called Voices in a Rented Room and is slated for release in February of 2014 via Drag City.  A new single, "Black Bough," has surfaced and it sounds like dudes drunk on Blue Moon making Mazzy folk.  You can check it out here: All info comes courtesy of Rarely Unable. BEN CHASNY OF SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE + DONOVAN QUINN OF SKYGREEN LEOPARDS ARE NEW BUMS! DEBUT ALBUM, VOICES IN A RENTED ROOM , OUT FEBRUARY 17, 2014 ON DRAG CITY New Bums is the grudging match-up of Donovan Quinn (Skygreen Leopards) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance, Comets on Fire, 200 Years, Rangda and who's hiring?). They didn't like each other at first, but now make sweet and sour music together over the light of the magical Sterno. The ideas go back and forth between the two in what seems to be a true partnership. Their songs are