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Liars: "Mess On A Mission" (and a limited-edition album covered in string)

No Ripcord: Pontiak

Singles: Ought, Wolf People, PINS, Christina Vantzou, TOY

The Body: "Shrouded" & "To Attempt Openness"

Qui: "Whateryadoin?"

Vivian Girls (2007-2014)

Singles: Pontiak, New Bums, Mt. Royal, Doomsquad, C O L L E C T R E S S

No Ripcord: Mogwai

Daughter of a Tapehead: Zombi's Spirit Animal

Shopping For Records: Skeletonwitch's Serpents Unleashed Limited Edition

Singles: Young Fathers, Helms Alee, We Are Hex

Gary Grimshaw (1946-2014)

What I Heard This Morning: Boss Keloid

Singles: Carla Bozulich, Woods, Cripple Bastards, Damaged Bug

Shopping For Records: New Year's Eve (Part 2)

thisquietarmy: "From Darkness"

The Inbox Giveth: Oikos & Insect Ark

Shopping For Records: New Year's Eve (Part 1)

Singles: Pixies, Deaf Scene, The Bushwick Hotel, DVA, Tim Larson

Buried in a Good Mix Tape: Best of 2013 Mix...

Oh, 2013... Where Have You Gone?