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New Selections — Kal Marks, Rosa Bordallo, NOUS, Casanova, Anne Müller, Red Spells Red, FITTED

Apologies for the quiet September. My time was needed everywhere but here. That said, I'm happy to end the month with some good singles that I hope you'll enjoy. Autumn has begun to bring comfort to the air following the oppressive Summer heat. I do love this time of year. Enjoy! __________________________________________________________ Kal Marks : "Heads Been Ringing" (via Force Field PR / Exploding In Sound Records / YouTube) Album Preorder Via Force Field PR: Kal Marks' 'Let The Shit House Burn Down' EP is out today via Exploding in Sound Records; watch the new "Heads Been Ringing" video STREAM: Let The Shit House Burn Down Spotify WATCH: "Heads Been Ringing" - YouTube Kal Marks ' Let The Shit House Burn Down EP is out today via Exploding in Sound Records. Stream the EP here and watch the new "Heads Been Ringing" video . "the band have never sou

The Day In Headphones: Warish

Warish Down In Flames RidingEasy Records Released: 9/13/19 My most direct and least verbose comment about this new Warish record is this: my head has not stopped nodding since I hit PLAY .  Down In Flames , the band's latest release for RidingEasy Record s, released Friday, September 13th. The cover art is like an homage to Sabbath 's Never Say Die! , perhaps inspired by the pilot motif. The music, however, owes more to the substantively caustic output that made Touch & Go and Amphetamine Reptile the fine subsidiaries of quality annihilative sounds that they were/are, the trio no doubt influenced by the muck-riddled sounds of the late 80s/early 90s underground that those labels curated. Oh, and the vocalist/guitarist is Tony Hawk 's fucking kid .  All info comes courtesy of Us-Them Group/Riding Easy Records. Warish streaming forthcoming full length debut ahead of release SoCal "evil-ish" sludge-punk meets early Nirvana, Scratch Acid