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2020 Playlist — tētēma, Wombbath, The Homesick, Slift, CP Unit, Collectress, Bedroom, Eye Flys

I hope that everyone can pull themselves away from that new Pearl Jam track to hear some other goodies. Here are some new additions to the  2020 Playlist . _________________________________________ t ētēma : "Haunted on the Uptake" (via Speakeasy PR / Ipecac Recordings / YouTube) Album Preorder tētēma RELEASE NECROSCAPE ON APRIL 3 VIA IPECAC RECORDINGS LISTEN TO “HAUNTED ON THE UPTAKE” FROM THE SOPHOMORE RELEASE FEATURING MIKE PATTON AND ANTHONY PATERAS Jan. 10, 2020, Melbourne, Australia – tētēma , the bi-continental outfit featuring Mike Patton ( Faith No More , Mr. Bungle ) and the Melbourne based, electro-acoustic artist Anthony Pateras , return with their sophomore album, the mind-bending Necroscape (April 3, Ipecac Recordings). An early preview of the Spring release can be heard now, with “Haunted On The Uptake,” a track Pateras describes as sounding “like The Melvins ' tour van broke down

OOIOO: "jibun"

Yoshimi 's OOIOO is releasing a new album via Thrill Jockey called nijimusi . A single from the album titled "jibun" reveals exactly what is to be expected from OOIOO: playful instrumental navigation anchored by remarkable rhythmic acuity. It's like dreamy, minimalist academia. There's a glorious swell of instrumentation that breaks up the track midway, swinging low end and rapid snare fills carrying this melodic blanket of guitar sound. The latter half of the song is more vocal and exploratory, OOIOO leaning into a few more ideas that don't deviate too much from "jibun"'s initial melodic theme. You can check out the track below. All info is provided by Thrill Jockey. Nijimusi by OOIOO Japanese avant-rock innovators OOIOO (ft. YoshimiO of Boredoms) share new single "jibun": New album nijimusi out Jan. 17th OOIOO touring Europe this spring, including a set at Rewire Festival 2020

No Ripcord: Lithics

Lithics Wendy Kraemer EP Moone Records Released:  2.7.20 No Ripcord review. Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

2020 Playlist — Sightless Pit, Six Organs of Admittance, Mr. Elevator, WIRE, Jeff Parker

New year, new singles. While mostly resistant to the "playlist," I'm also aware that singles are consumed this way and that mixes, though crafted and superior in every way, are a thing of the past. This is partly because I no longer curate and develop a year end mix. Inasmuch as I enjoyed making them for friends and family for many years, and disclosing details for reader enjoyment, it's expensive and impractical. So, I'm buying in and I've rethought the "New Selections" tag for single entries. Enjoy some new tunes and be sure and give a look to my expanding 2020 playlist on Apple Music, the simply titled 2020 Playlist , because playlists require no thought, cohesion, or imagination. But, at least the music's good. _________________________________________ Sightless Pit : "Kingscorpse" (via Thrill Jockey / Bandcamp) Album Preorder Grave of a Dog by Sightless Pit Sight

Insect Ark: "Tectonic"

I'm a sucker for a muddy bass line. Insect Ark , owned and operated by the excellent Dana Schechter , has a new release coming out called, The Vanishing . Out on 2/28 via Profound Lore, Insect Ark, now with the aid of drummer Andy Patterson , continues to marry eerie soundscapes with hypnotic rhythmic loops. This project grows with every release and the results are always worth a listen. Audio, links, and info provided by Earsplit PR. INSECT ARK: Instrumental Psychedelic Doom Duo Completes Work On New Album, The Vanishing , Set For Release February 28th Through Profound Lore Records; New Track Streaming Photo by Chad Kelco INSECT ARK — currently made up of founder Dana Schechter ( Swans ) and Andy Patterson (ex SubRosa ) — have been crafting uncomfortable soundscapes that feel both intimate and icy cold since 2011. Nightmarish horror film-like visions, outer space travel, and gritty noir textures were explored in their previous offerings — the much-praised Portal / We