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Crystal Antlers: Two-Way Mirror

What I Heard This Morning: Public Dims

Mogwai: Get To France

Kicking Against The Pricks: Crystal Antlers & The Horrors

No Ripcord: The Nighty Nite

Vivian Girls: Take It As It Comes

What I Heard This Morning: Noxious Foxes

Mastodon: Black Tongue

What I Heard This Morning: Zechs Marquis

Poly Styrene: Ghoulish

The Mailbox Giveth: Dos (And Somewhat of a Call to Stretch "Punk" into Something All-Encompassing.)

No Ripcord: R.E.M.

Fantômas: The Omen (Ave Satani)

Daytrotter: Tera Melos

Swans: Jim

Dub Trio: "Regression Line"

The Body: Live with the Assembly Of Light Choir...

What I Heard This Morning: Is/Is

Totimoshi: Mainline

The Mailbox Giveth: Bridesmaid/Sun Splitter 7"

Mogwai: San Pedro

Shopping For Records #55: Sovereign EP and Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light 2

The Halfway “Best Of” for 2011 Purchases: Deerhoof, PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth and Grails...

Cover of the Day: Mastodon

Warpaint: Warpaint