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Chelsea Wolf: "Flatlands"

Junip: "Line Of Fire"

Colin Stetson: "High Above the Grey Green Sky"

Boris: Flood performances and tour-only release

Wolf People: "All Returns" (Single)

MusicFilmWeb: Beijing Punk

The Inbox Giveth: Machines Learning

Diamond Version: "Turn On Tomorrow"

No Ripcord: This Town Needs Guns

Akron/Family: "No-Room"

Cloud Minder: Solace and a charitable Kickstarter effort

Shopping For Records: Can's The Lost Tapes box set

Daughter of a Tapehead: Crayon Vinyl

Girls Names: "Pittura Infamante"

Tera Melos: "Tropic Lame"

What I Heard This Morning (which was actually around 10:30PM): Herbcraft

Suuns: "Edie's Dream"

No Ripcord: Mystical Weapons

Pissed Jeans: "Cathouse"

Camper Van Beethoven: "Someday Our Love Will Sell Us Out"

The Besnard Lakes: "People of the Sticks"

What I Heard This Morning: Three Second Kiss

Emily Wells: "Becomes the Color"

David Bowie: "Where Are We Now?" (Video)