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What I Heard This Morning: Sarin Smoke

A Fucking Elephant: “I'm Addicted To Drugs And Sex And I Want You To Choke Me”

Sic Alps: "Glyphs"

Iggy Pop (Bobblehead)

TOY: "Lose My Way" & "Motoring"

Cover of the Day: Neurosis

Assembly of Light (Streams)

No Ripcord: Pressing “rewind” in an era of technological “fast forward:” D.I.Y. Cassette Culture finds relevance in the shadows of digital media

Bambi Lee Savage: "Oh Loneliness"

No Ripcord: Sleepies

Lightning Bolt: "King Candy"

It's Called a Cymbalum: Asva and Philippe Petit

And in Pussy Riot News: Vivian Girls Playing a Benefit

Jim Jarmusch & Jozef Van Wissem: "The Sun of the Natural World is Pure Fire"

Shopping For Records: Bong

High On Fire: "Fertile Green"

Bird By Snow: "Grace" & "Before Names"

Speedy Ortiz (Fuckin' Hates Playing Indoor Soccer)

The Soft Moon: "Die Life"

Alaric: "Weep"

Neurosis: Honor Found In Decay to release October 2012

"If I had a fucking knife, I'd cut my head off right now" — Swans Are Live

Shopping For Records: Zs Ten-Year Anniversary Box Set

Six Organs of Admittance: "Waswasa" & "One Thousand Birds"

Shopping For Records: Dinosaur Jr.'s upcoming I Bet On Sky up for pre-order