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12.21 — Happy Birthday, Frank

77 candles... As the occasion demands, there will be nothing but Frank Zappa piping through every speaker today.  200 Motels was an interesting pick for a morning listen.   Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead

TRAX! — M.E.S.H., Tag Cloud, Sinister Bodies of Water, Endorphins Lost

M.E.S.H. : "Search. Reveal" (via Julian T. Schoen/ Noisey /Vimeo) "Search. Reveal" is featured on Hesaitix , which you can purchase now at  PAN . M.E.S.H. - Search. Reveal. (PAN) from PAN on Vimeo . __________________________________________________________ Tag Cloud : "Measured Mile" (via  Verses Records /YouTube) Tag Cloud 's Pattern Recognition EP was released, 12.8.17.  If you like their single, "Measured Mile," the EP is available for purchase from Verses Record s.  __________________________________________________________ Sinister Bodies of Water : "When the Knife Falls" (via Out of Sound / CVLT Nation /YouTube) Sinister Bodies of Water is releasing When the Knife Calls on 12.21.17 via Out of Sound Records.  It doesn't look like the album is up for pre-order, but here's the Bandcamp link .  __________________________________________________________ Endorphins Lost : "Mercy For

What's (Re)New: Dub Syndicate Ambience In Dub 1982-1985

On November 10th, On U-Sound , the creative outlet and seminal dub label run by producer Adrian Sherwood , reissued some early releases and a compilation of unreleased tracks from Sherwood’s own project, Dub Syndicate .   Following the short-lived but seismic effect punk rock enjoyed in 1977, the need to expand upon the music’s creative and cultural reach bore a period of musical output that harnessed not only the primal aspects of punk rock music, but also pulled from many genres: funk, disco, jazz, and reggae.   Sherwood, himself a fanatical devotee of reggae music, acted as a small-time distributor of dub singles before growing into a curator of sorts, performing in multiple groups, producing acts, and eventually launching the On U-Sound label, through which he was able to not only pursue his own musical endeavors but to provide a platform for other artists.   With that said, Dub Syndicate, which would later develop into a creative partnership between Sherwood and drummer Style Sco

Insect Ark: "In The Nest"

Some Earth -centric dirt-encrusted trudge for your day…  It was announced that Insect Ark , now functioning as a two-person collaboration between one-time sole insect Dana Schechter and drummer Ashley Spungin , will be releasing a new album in early 2018 titled Marrow Hymns .  The lead single, "In The Nest," bakes and blisters as if charred by intense heat, its movement dramatic as if fighting against some external elements at odds with progress.  Anticipation is high with this one.   Words regarding other Insect Ark projects: 2013's Long Arms  EP "The Collector" taken from the 2015 LP,  Portal/Well Marrow Hymns is scheduled to release 2.23.18 via Profound Lore Records .  Music, links, and info were provided by Earplit PR. INSECT ARK: Atmospheric Noise/Doom Duo To Release Marrow Hymns Via Profound Lore This February; New Track Streaming Combining elements of horror-film soundtracks, psychedelic doom, and atmospheric noise, New York City/Port

Judy Garland: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"

April 16, 1961 - December 6, 2014 Sincerely, Letters From A Tapehead