Let the letters begin...


A mission statement of sorts is slowly trying to find its way into this journal and is being overtaken by an extreme case of writer's block. Or, in my case, lockjaw. Suffering from the type of erratic and sometimes over-caffeinated sort of speech that I usually deal with verbally, the written word serves as my clearest form of communication. Unfortunately, after going through the trouble of putting this thing together, I'm unable to find the right words. So, I'll just try and address what the purpose here is:

I love music. Being someone that never had the gift, or patience, to play an instrument, but still having had an addiction nonetheless, I started writing about records when the mood suited me. Having torn through countless cellophane wrappers, and opened many record sleeves, cassette cases and jewel cases; having either heard the unmistakable sounds of brilliance, or the tragically unfortunate kerplunk of yet another wasted dollar or two, sometimes I'll feel the need to write about it. Whatever I write will either be meant to turn people on, or prevent you from misspending your hard-earned cash.

So, essentially, this journal is meant for album reviews, music-related essays and my own little self-indulgent musings about the current state of music. Hope you enjoy.


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