Friday, May 25, 2007

We Interrupt This Program... bring you a couple things I'm really looking forward to in June.

The Beastie Boys will be releasing an all-instrumental album called, The Mix Up. Below is a video for one of the tracks featured. Smooth grooves, lots of promise. This will be out June 26th.

While we're on the topic of The Beastie Boys, Adam Yauch has produced the latest release by the mighty Bad Brains. Build A Nation is their first release in over 10 years, (since 1995's God Of Love as far as I know), and it's supposed to be somewhat of a return to their old school, hardcore roots. I heard a couple tracks and, if they're any indication, it should be an awesome album. And, like The Beastie Boys, expect this to hit the shelves on June 26th.

And last, but certainly not least, I'm most looking forward to Era Vulgaris by the incredible Queens of the Stone Age. This will be out on June 12th and I will undoubtedly be rocking the fuck out of this one all summer long.

June should be a damn good month.

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