Baby's First Mixtape — Part 2

So, the finishing touches are such:

Radiohead – “Backdrifts (Honeymoon Is Over)”
From Hail To The Thief. Aside from the fact that this is just a very pretty piece of music, it’s fitting that the track is subtitled, "Honeymoon Is Over.”

The Beatles – “Blackbird”
I always considered this song to be more of a lullaby than anything else. It seems fitting.

Talking Heads – “Stay Up Late”
David Byrne's little ditty about keeping the cute little baby "up all night" isn't necessarily conducive to what I see as the perfect situation, which would probably involve a baby that sleeps more than I do. But, seeing as my wife and I are going to be up 5 times a night for months, awoken from dead sleep by loud cries of "change my diaper" or "feed me," we may as well try and convince ourselves that “yeah, we WANT this kid to be awake all the time.”

The Monkees – “Porpoise Song (Theme From Head)”
The Monkees were my first favorite band, my first concert experience and the first subject of my then budding record obsession. Seeing as the "pre-fab four" were essentially my gateway drug into this life of record fixation, "Porpoise Song," probably the best song The Monkees ever sung, is my most personal contribution.

The Beach Boys - Wouldn't It Be Nice?
More of a song about the parents, but it's joyful, pleasant and beautifully sung.

Johnny Cash - Before My Time
It's not that I want to exhaust all the possibilities of the world before the baby's had a chance to even make a decision, but I do think it's sort of important to have perspective. Johnny Cash wonderfully illustrates that, despite your world beginning with you, the world’s been here for a long time. All its treasures are awaiting you when you arrive.

Letters From A Tapehead


JC said…
Well now - Bella has ears and has only subjected to my music so far. Get to mixing.

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