Notice for strangest comment...

A week or so ago, I received an anonymous comment regarding my last "mix tape" entry that made me laugh out loud and simultaneously go "wha?"

Read, consider, react:

I have a confession. I made this mix and it got me laid. Apparently, I am cooler, thanks to your site. Did it get your brother laid too?

Don't get the Monkees track - but I kept it in.


Honestly, I don't know how this playlist got you laid because there's NO Al Green, NO Barry White...this is an unsexy mix of songs. If it offered you some kind of cred, that makes me happy and I'm glad that I could assist you in your carnal endeavors.

As far as whether or not this mix got my brother laid, I would guess not. I could always ask, but it's really none of my business.

Now, the Monkees track: "Writing Wrongs" was one song that, as a kid, I could not stand. Mike Nesmith pouring his lungs out over a back-and-forth piano combo just didn't sit well with me and the midway breakdown of high speed, pulsating organ was just too strange.

This is a cool little YouTube video featuring "Writing Wrongs"

Later however, I really appreciated it for being the melancholy and odd little number it is, 180° from the songs that made them famous and got excessive rotation as background noise for some Three Stooges-inspired montage where the Monkees defeat the villian, or get the girl. It's songs like these that have kept me defending The Monkees, trying to make a case for their credibility and integrity despite the hurtful truth that they were a band manufactured for a TV show. Their efforts for respect, to me, were admirable.

Letters From A Tapehead


Anonymous said…
It didn't get me laid.After you gave it to me I brought it to work, but now that bitch is staying in my pocket 24/7.
Sean Caldwell said…
To Anonymous (Tim):

Yeah, you need to keep that with you at all times. Apparently, it has powers.

Letters From A Tapehead
Anonymous said…
Precisely in the purpose :)

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