Ummm...Death Magnetic?

You attract "death?" That would explain Cliff Burton. Poor bastard never had a chance.

Metallica, in an effort to promote their upcoming album, Death Magnetic, and possibly come off as somewhat Internet-friendly, are streaming six new tracks that you can listen to and chew on before you spend your hard-earned green.

Listening to this new output, and keeping in mind that Rick Rubin is at the helm and hopefully undoing the light and fluffy knob work that Bob Rock had been applying to this band since the overrated Black Album ruined a good thing, it sounds like the band is finally trying to fill their mostly empty, untouched and airy scrotums with some actual pound-for-pound strength and refortified huevos. They seem to be retracing their steps for a long overdue return to what made them great in the first place. Granted, Metallica will never exude the fire, pain or passion with which they used to destroy audiences, but at least they're aware of how far they've fallen in terms of what they may still be capable of and are trying to make amends. Either their couples counselor told them to go this route, or they're just tired of Dave Mustaine making them look like a quartet of post-heroin Claptonites.

This will probably be the comeback album that St. Anger was intended to be before it failed miserably.

Remember these guys? Wow: Seattle, WA — 1989

Letters From A Tapehead (still rocking his Master Of Puppets proud)


Anonymous said…
I will have to say that I am impressed by the solos and faster pace of alot of the songs.Hetfield's vocals and whoever's cheesy lyrics are way too funny to take seriously though. Kinda also felt that about 3 minutes of each song was filler. There was no need to have these songs be as long as they were. Getting old sucks i guess.
Sean Caldwell said…
To Anonymous:

I still think that Metallica is a very pivotal band and I give them credit for their earliest albums. I just think they lost their way over the course of trying to expand. Unfortunate, but at least they're trying to get back.

Thanks for reading,
Letters From A Tapehead

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