Lennon 29: An Update For Johnny Silver...

2009 reacquainted the world with The Beatles and your face is now alive from a virtual standpoint, staring back at video game enthusiasts holding faux instruments. To me, technology did you guys a solid this year, cleaning up your legacy in a respectful, albeit digitized, manner. As much as you wanted to forget about The Beatles, the world wants to keep remembering: All those songs, all those albums and all that brain scrambling madness that emerged from those grooves like a riot on a turntable.

29 years after the trigger clicked the mood isn’t so optimistic, no “imagine”-style whimsy aflutter with visions of bed peace or hair peace, peace of ass or peace of meat, here-a-peace, there-a-peace, everywhere a peace-peace. The war isn’t over this Christmas. Maybe you’d be disenchanted with our political climate, but you can take solace knowing that it’s still uncool to like Paul McCartney, even though he doesn’t deserve all the cold shoulders.

Cynical times and music won't change anything. Still, and I know that this may have bothered you as a living human tasked with shedding a huge past, it was good to witness excitement about The Beatles, again. There must be some comfort in knowing that you'll never be forgotten.

Otherwise, your second wife has an album out, as does your OTHER son. Are you proud of him yet?

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