On Stage Testimony From the Gods of $5 Rock...

Don’t you miss Fugazi?

In the same roundabout way that you find most things on the Internet, (i.e. “Let’s check out Pitchfork and go from there.”), I managed to find this 40 minute compilation of stage banter from the mighty Fugazi posted at Chunklet. It’s an interesting reminder as to the difficulty of trying to carve out an entirely new niche after pioneering the oft-time violent hardcore scene, Ian MacKaye and crew unfortunately subjected to the antics of children that were entirely too young to experience the spitting and punching when it was the thing to do. When I saw Fugazi in 1995, I remember hearing shouts of “Straight Edge” and “Minor Threat” from every corner of the Trocadero as MacKaye restrung his guitar after popping a high E. It’s probably the best $5 I’ve ever spent.

Anyway, hearing this 40 minute clip of Ian and Guy Picciotto either berating, defending or speaking to the crowd, my ears have received nothing other than Fugazi all day. I truly miss this band, as integral to my youth as they were. They were nothing short of brilliant and their catalogue more than confirms the truth in that assessment.

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