Garcia Plays Kyuss...

John Garcia, the former lead singer of desert rock band, (and Josh Homme springboard), Kyuss, will be touring as Garcia Plays Kyuss. The intent is to basically revive the Kyuss legacy while possibly allowing Garcia to reinstate his rep as one of the progenitors of our modern idea of “stoner” music, the searing heat and persistent meander a commonality amongst most bands of this sort.

In 1994, as grunge was fizzling out and all its alterna-progeny were desperately clinging to their superstardom, a friend lent me his copy of Welcome To Sky Valley. Soon after, I bought my own. Around bedtime, I would throw on my headphones, hit PLAY and stare at the ceiling while I was being calmly annihilated by their swells of crunching guitars and muddy rhythms. And, without trying to sound cliché, Kyuss really could transport you to those isolating places in your head where you could call out “Hello” and hear it echo for miles. Welcome To Sky Valley always sounded to me like reds, yellows and oranges, cracked plateaus and dry heat. Theirs was an album that I could always visualize. It’s still one of my favorite albums, monumental to those developmental days of not knowing where you’re going but hoping you’re okay when you get there.

Garcia will be touring with Bruno Fevery (guitar), Jacques de Haard (bass) and Rob Snijders (drums).

Tour dates (as listed by :

28.05.10 DUBLIN Andrews Theatre
29.05.10 GENT Vooruit
30.05.10 AMSTERDAM Melkweg
01.06.10 KÖLN Underground
02.06.10 LUZERN Schuur
03.06.10 ARAU Kiff
04.06.10 BOLOGNA Estragon
05.06.10 MÜNCHEN Feierwerk
06.06-10 WIEN Arena
08.06.10 BERLIN Festsaal Kreuzberg
09.06.10 KOBENHAVN Loppen
10.06.10 HAMBURG Übel & Gefährlich
11.06.10 FRANKFURT Batchkapp

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