What I Heard This Morning: Library Catalog Music Series (Vols. 9 & 10)

So, for over a year now, Asthmatic Kitty has been building up volumes of instrumental “soundtrack” music featuring an interesting array of musicians and sound artists like Richard Swift or Lowell Brams. For Volumes 9 and 10, William Ryan Fitch comes up with Music For Honey and Bile and art collective Comic Wow conjure up Music For Mysteries of Mind Space and Time. Information on each artist is provided via press release.

Albums were released 10/26 and you can stream each album via the links below:

Music For Honey and Bile

Music For Mysteries of Mind Space and Time

Or, sample the songs:

”When The Ground Is Numb” from William Ryan Fitch.

William Ryan Fritch is a film composer, recordist, songwriter, and multi instrumentalist living in Oakland, Ca. He records under the moniker Vieo Abiungo for Lost Tribe Sound Records, is a member of the trio Skyrider, the experimental post-hop outfit Sole and the Skyrider Band, and is a go to guy for a number of other recording artists and producers. Since 2008 he has scored nearly thirty films, several of which have premiered in film festivals such as Sundance, SXSW, Toronto, Los Angeles and Copenhagen.

Music for Honey and Bile is an album of filmic works in which unfettered optimism is loomed out of spectral melancholy, and the unflattering ruddy of such sanguineness stands naked in the midst of the noxious ether.

All pieces composed, performed, mixed and recorded by William Ryan Fritch.

William Fritch: Piano, organ, wurlitzer, pianet, guitars, pedal steel, drums, saxophone, percussion, marimba, cello, violin, viola, bass, contrabass, mandolin, banjo, hammered dulcimer, vibraphone, trumpet, clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, programming, erhu, sarangi, and other various knick knacks

with the amazing help of -
Annie Lewandowski on track 8: chopstick prepared piano
James Diotte on track 13: vibraphone, jaguar organ, tape manipulation, and additional arrangement.

”Jazz Computer” from Comic Wow.

Comic Wow are sonic illustrators, alchemists, designers, dilettantes', poets, teachers, Socialists, and outdoorsmen whose advocacy of affordable colored cod pieces helped influence the look of thirty-third century America. Incidentally, they've also released music as Feathers. All pieces composed, performed, mixed and recorded by Eddie Alonso, Eric Rasco, John McEntire, Chris O'Malley, Ken Champion, Roy Silverstein, Paul Mertens, Tim Iseler, Jeremy Lemos, and Matt Crum.

Eddie Alonso: guitars, farfisa mini compact, wurlitzer ep 206, rmi rock-si-chord, suzuki omnichord, baldwin electric harpsichord, chickering 5" 11' grand piano (re-built), percussion, marimba, banjo, vibraphone, cornet, electronics
Eric Rasco: bass, danelectro baritone, electronics, skeleton finger
John McEntire: drums, percussion, electronics, engineer
Chris O'Malley: drums
Ken Champion: pedal steel, dobro, guitar
Paul Mertens: flute
Tim Iseler: engineer
Jeremy Lemos: engineer
Roy Silverstein: guitar, engineer
Matt Crum: drums

Some coverage regarding previous volumes can be found below:



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