TV On The Radio: Will Do

As overrated and disappointing as the otherwise very well-received Dear Science was in 2008, TV On The Radio’s new song, “Will Do,” is somewhat of a redemption. I’m happy to hear them using guitars, again. Seemed like instruments were taking a backseat to knob twisting of the kid-in-a-candystore variety, David Sitek more excited to make sounds as opposed to music.

But, that’s just my opinion. Dear Science hasn’t been spoken of since it broke on through, so maybe it wasn’t the earth shattering work of genius critics thought it was. We’ll see how TVOTR’s upcoming album, Nine Types Of Light, performs.

The song is posted over at 107.7 THE END.

Letters From A Tapehead

P.S. — Did you know that David Sitek is in Jane’s Addiction now? Can’t wait to hear him remix "Mountain Song."

P.P.S. — Sarcasm. Pure sarcasm.


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