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What I Heard This Morning: Mamiffer

Post-ISIS Aaron Turner's project, Mamiffer, is releasing a new album dubbed, Mare Decendrii.  Fellow Mamiffer, Faith Coloccia, has partnered with Turner in development of their new label, SIGE.  All news regarding Mare Decendrii and SIGE is courtesy of Speakeasy PR.

A preview track can be found at the SIGE Records site here.  Check it out: I think it's going to be really good.



Coloccia and Turner comprise core of Mamiffer, joined by members of Earth, Circle, Thrones and others
for recording of Mare Decendrii.

Feb. 28 -- Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer) and Aaron Turner (co-owner of Hydra Head, ex-ISIS, Mamiffer) have formed a new label partnership dubbed SIGE, with the label's latest release, Mamiffer's
Mare Decendrii, set for a Mar. 15 street date.

"SIGE was formed as an outlet for projects that Faith and I are directly involved in," said Turner. "The idea was to create a situation whereby we could maintain control over our own music and art to the greatest extent possible, from the process of inception all the way through manufacturing and distribution. By approaching things this way we can have a greater level of certainty that the releases will meet our expectations and stay true to our original intent. It also allows us a channel through which to work more closely with those we collaborate with and thus further strengthen those ties."

Mare Decendrii is an emotional and intimate exploration of my relationship to piano, process, intuitive composition and to the collaborators and other band members involved. Sharing excitement about sound and composition and forming new friendships through this recording was a very important aspect of making this album," explained Coloccia. Co-produced by Randall Dunn (Sunno))), Bjork, Six Organs of Admittance, etc.), Coloccia and Turner were joined on the recording of Mare Decendrii by Eyvind Kang, Earth's Don McGreavy, Thrones' Joe Preston, Mika Ratto and Jussi Lehtisalo of Circle, Russian Circles' Brian Cook, Black Math Horseman's Sera Timms, Travis Rommereim and others.

Hydra Head, released Mamiffer's debut album
Hirror Enniffer in 2008 with hometown weekly The Stranger describing the release as "brooding pieces of gripping drama" while Pitchfork said it was a "textural delight." The Wire referred to Mamiffer as "both beguiling and terrifying" and Rock-A-Rolla said "its extended piano/guitar sequences are things of exquisite beauty and restraint, drawing down the curtain on a most satisfying subterranean collaboration."

Previous and upcoming releases from SIGE include a split between Mamiffer and House of Low Culture, a live collaborative release from Mamiffer, House of Low Culture and Merzbow, as well as other splits with Oakeater and Pyramids.





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