4.20: Some of Marijuana’s Highest Notes...

I know that I’m missing a ton of popular music’s better-known pot tunes as one could go insane trying to find them all. So, for the occasion of 4.20, I figured I’d at the very least single out some of my favorites. Some of these are subtle with the drug references (“Salesman”), others may be branching out in terms of its opiate of choice (“YHWH On Acid”). Hopefully, this will provide some of you a nice backdrop for the day’s inactivity, snacking and television viewing. Enjoy.

Any additions to the list? Let me know.

Cypress Hill – "I Wanna Get High"

Cypress Hill/Sonic Youth – "I Love You, Mary Jane"

Sleep – "Dopesmoker" (Yes, the entire track)

Black Sabbath – "Sweet Leaf"

The Fraternity Of Man – "Don’t Bogart Me"

Method Man – "Tical"

Kyuss – "Gardenia"
“One smoke and your head spins around and around”

The Goats – "Wake N’ Bake"

The Pharcyde – "Pack the Pipe"

Queens of the Stone Age – "Feel Good Hit of the Summer"

The Monkees – "Salesman"
“Salesman with your secret goods that you push while you talk...”

The Other Half – "Mr. Pharmacist"

Steppenwolf – "The Pusher"

Peter Tosh – "Legalize It"

Saccharine Trust – "YHWH On Acid"

Grails - "Stoned at the Taj Again"

Letters From A Tapehead


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