TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light's "Visual Re-Imagining"...

TV On The Radio’s Nine Types Of Light is out today (4.12) and, obviously, it’s a big deal. As a companion piece to the album, TVOTR’s Tunde Adebimpe directed a film which, according to YouTube’s write-up, “is meant to be a visual re-imagining of the record, and includes a music video for every song on the album.” In cynical corporatized MTV-addled post-Reagan era speak, (or, how I read it), “visual re-imagining” means grab bag for video marketers to exploit with potential for single saturation. This is sort of like their Moonwalker, though TVOTR do their best to unite art and commerce with self-important interviews, psychedelically colorful cut paper animation, amateurishly shot dance parties and band members embroiled in antiquated virtual reality apparatus. I recognize a cast member from the Parenthood TV show.

The film’s pretension and potential marketability notwithstanding, Nine Types Of Light (the music version) sounds like it’s worth a listen or two. I’m enjoying it more than Dear Science, which I still consider grossly overrated despite popular belief. They still haven’t returned to cookie mountain, though, that’s for damn sure.

Forgive the VEVO crap.  I'm not a fan, either.

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